OOD Performance Scorecards - Now Available!

2019 VR Provider

Hello Vocational Rehabilitation Providers,

              Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) is pleased to announce that we are now posting our Vocational Rehabilitation Program and Disability Determination Program Quick-Stat Scorecards on our website.  This information is being added as a result of input from our provider community.  The Vocational Rehabilitation Program Quick-Stat Scorecard includes information such as cost per case served, average time to eligibility decision, service plans written, total closures, and average wages.  This information is comparable across several fiscal years (FFY 2015 – FFY 2019).  The scorecard is available at: https://ood.ohio.gov/Information/Statistics.  It is available in both PDF and Excel for accessibility.

              New scorecards will be added monthly.

              Thank you to our provider community for bringing this suggestion forward.  We appreciate everyone’s interest in this information, and our continued partnership of assisting Ohioans with disabilities. 

-Provider & Contract Management Unit