Emergency Partner Credentialing System (EPCS)

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Ohio Public Private Partnership

COVID-19 Notification

Dear Partner,

We are all making adjustments to our lives and business operations due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. I wanted to take this time to remind you that your organization may have the ability to utilize the state’s Emergency Partner Credentialing System (EPCS) in the event that Governor DeWine orders any travel restrictions.

Here are the basic steps for EPCS access, which usually takes 3-5 days to process:

  • Must be an identified partner in the Ohio Public Private Partnership.
  • Must fall into one of these critical infrastructure sectors:
    1. Chemical
    2. Communication
    3. Energy
    4. Food & Agriculture
    5. Healthcare
    6. Transportation
    7. Water/Wastewater
  • Must have at least one employee be granted a Communication and Information Management System (CIMS) account.
  • Of those who have been granted a CIMS account, one of them must be identified as a primary administrator for the responsibility of managing the EPCS. That person can then authorize up to five sub-administrators, but they too must each have a CIMS account.
  • Only "Event Specific" Credentials will be issued at this time, and are directly managed/assigned by your organization. These credentials will ONLY be able to be assigned IF an event is created in the system. The term of these credentials have been extended from 7-days to 45-days for the COVID-19 event.
  • A parallel record is created in LEADS for law enforcement verification.

I included links for the EPCS - info flyerEPCS Quick Sheet, EPCS Quick Step-by-Step, and EPCS User Guide for OP3 Admins, in order for you to be better acquainted with the use of the system.

If you have any questions please email OP3@dps.ohio.gov, and myself or one of my colleagues will contact you.

Click this link, Identification of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers During COVID-19 for additional guidance from the U.S Department of Homeland Security.

Thank you,
Dustyn Fox, Interim OP3 Administrator