November Newsletter

Franklin County OH Auditor

November 2019 Newsletter

Hills TTA

Thanksgiving is a time of celebration, when we gather to reflect with family and friends and enjoy a holiday meal. As the agency responsible for Franklin County’s weights and measures, our staff are constantly and vigilantly inspecting gas pumps to ensure you get every ounce of gas you pay for. Stickers with check marks show that the pump you’re using has been inspected by our Weights and Measures staff. At stores, our inspectors check all scales and scanners for accuracy, ensuring the 16-pound turkey you bought for Thanksgiving is, in fact, 16 pounds. Just like gas pumps, Auditor’s office stickers adorn all scanners and scales that have been inspected. On that note, congratulations to The Hills Market in Worthington, recipient of the November True Transaction Award.

We’re also not forgetting your faithful canine companions, who will probably be begging for leftovers at the Thanksgiving table. The Dog license renewal period begins Dec. 1, and this year for the first time we have collaborated with the Franklin County Commissioners to expand the dog licensing renewal window to March 31. The longer period, coupled with expanded locations and options to purchase licenses, will make the process as easy and convenient as it ever has been for Franklin County residents to properly license their dogs.

Your Auditor’s office will continue to work hard protecting Franklin County consumers and dog owners, as we make our community the very best place to live and work. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

As always, if you have suggestions, I encourage you to contact me at (614) 525-5700, or at  

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Refund Graphic

Auditor’s Office Refunding Millions of Dollars to Franklin County Schools, Others 

Auditor Stinziano announced this week that the Auditor’s office is refunding $7 million to Franklin County schools, libraries, municipalities and agencies this December.

Of that $7 million, the vast majority of it - almost $4.6 million – is going to school districts.

“As the county’s chief Fiscal officer I am happy to be able to refund this money back to our schools to support the education of our children,” Stinziano said. “By being fiscally responsible, the Auditor’s office is returning money that can be used for school facilities, textbooks, laptops, and many other items that our schools desperately need.” 

Gahanna-Jefferson School Board President Beryl Piccolantonio shared that these funds could go to expenses like a full-time mental health specialist ($63,000) or the purchase of new school buses ($90,000 each). In addition to schools, libraries will be receiving $195,490; municipalities will be receiving $861,594; and other Franklin County agencies will be receiving $1.35 million.

The money that is being refunded is collected as required by state law to pay for real estate reappraisals and triennial updates and can be refunded at the discretion of the Auditor.


rental reg

Fighting Slumlords with Rental Registration

The Auditor’s office is leading the fight against slumlords, ensuring that their properties are properly registered with the office as required by state law.  

By registering rental properties, the office promotes transparency and can provide information on the rental property owner and how many other properties they own. The rental registration data also enables the public to see any trends that might identify problem landlords and housing developments.

“By making sure rental properties are properly registered we can ensure that residents have all the information they need on potential issues in the community,” Auditor Stinziano said.

Information on Rental Registrations can be found on the Auditor’s office website.


Dog License Renewal Period Kicks Off in December

The dog licensing renewal period begins Dec. 1, and for the first time it has been expanded two months through the end of March. The winner of the Auditor’s office “Me & My Pal” drawing contest will also be receiving a free dog license. Judging is underway for the contest, which sought dog drawing submissions from K-6th grade students across the county. “Me & My Pal” seeks to promote responsible pet ownership and the advantages of properly licensing dogs.   

Winners will be notified by Nov. 29, will receive a gift and will be featured in the first-ever Me & My Pal 2020 Calendar.  


Weights and Measures Certifies Gas Pumps at New Loves Travel Station

Weight and Measures inspectors certified the pumps of the largest gas station in the county earlier this month. The new Loves Travel Stop on Alum Creek Road has 26 gas pumps, 2 vehicle scales, and scanners inside the integrated convenience store.

The new location opens in late December. 

Franklin County Auditor’s Office Wins Award from Ohio Auditor

Auditor Stinziano received an Auditor of State Award with Distinction from Ohio Auditor Keith Faber at the County Auditor Association’s winter conference Nov. 20.

Comm Hours

Community Hours

Franklin County Auditor Michael Stinziano continues to hold weekly Community Hours meetings where residents can stop by and visit and share firsthand their feedback and ideas about the auditor’s office or any concerns they have.

The meetings continue a practice Stinziano has done since he was first elected to office. Community Hours will be held at the dates and locations listed below.

Wednesday, December 4th 5:00pm-6:30pm

Espresso Air Coffee Terminal (25 N. State St, Westerville, OH)

Friday, December 13th  2:00pm - 3:30pm

Port Side Cafe (6515 S. High St, Lockbourne, OH)

Tuesday, December 17th 11:30am - 1:00pm

Luck Bros' Coffee House (1101 W. 1st Ave, Grandview Heights, OH)

Monday, December 30th  5:00pm - 6:30pm

Bulsho Coffee Shop (4195 Lincoln Park Ct, Columbus, OH)