Ohio EMS Announces $700,000 in Funding to Aid in Electronic Data Submissions

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For Immediate Release: December 7, 2017

Ohio EMS Announces $700,000 in Funding to Aid in Electronic Data Submissions

(COLUMBUS) – The Traffic Records Coordinating Committee (TRCC) recently approved up to $700,000 in project funding for the purpose of purchasing tablet devices and cases for the Ohio‘s local EMS agencies offering a more efficient way to submit patient data electronically.

The project will assist EMS agencies with the electronic submission of data reporting to the Ohio Emergency Medical Service Incident Reporting System (EMSIRS) and for use with the OHTrac Mass Casualty Incident Mobile Application and Trauma Registry.


“Our EMSIRS holds more than 14 million records and uses a wide range of peripheral information within its daily operations,” said Ohio EMS Executive Director Mel House. “Many opportunities exist to use these new data resources to derive near real-time epidemiological, safety, performance, predictive, and trending insights.”

OHTrac is the only statewide tool available to track patients if they are transported to different hospitals. Electronic submissions assure greater data acceptability, as well as a more complete and timely view of traffic and trauma-related injury surveillance.

The project aligns with the 2015 State of Ohio Traffic Records Assessment recommendations incorporated in The State of Ohio Traffic Records Coordinating Committee’s (TRCC) fiscal year 2017 through 2021 Strategic Plan, under the EMS/Injury Surveillance category. This will enhance the EMS/Injury Surveillance Core Area by allowing for a better ability to link data across the Continuum of Care and with hospital systems, registries, and other public health, public safety, and transportation databases. 


For details on eligibility, or to apply, please visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ElectronicTabletGrant


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The Ohio Department of Public Safety, through the Division of EMS, oversees the certification of emergency medical technicians and firefighters and ensures that the professionals in these lifesaving roles are properly trained, educated and prepared for emergency situations.



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