PISGS Mid-Week Minute - October 12, 2022

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October 12, 2022

Maintaining & Updating Insurance

In order to help companies remain compliant, PISGS sends out an email to licensed providers 30 days before their insurance acord expiration date. If the company has not submitted an updated acord, another notice is emailed when the insurance has expired. The company will then have 14 days to submit an updated acord to PISGS. Maintaining continuous insurance coverage is mandated by Ohio law.

Licensed providers are able to update their insurance and upload a new acord. Simply log into your PISGS Online system and click, “Update Insurance Info” under the “Provider” section.

Update Insurance Info home screen

The next screen provides the ability to change the "Insurance Company Information" section and the "Policy Information" section.

The acord can be uploaded by selecting the “Browse” button to select the document. Then click "Save" and review the information for accuracy. Once satisfied, click “Submit” at the bottom of the screen to update with the correct information.

Update Insurance Acord

Please be sure to enter all of the policy information from your acord into your PISGS Online system before you hit the "Submit" button.

This feature ensures companies remain in compliance by indicating they have continuous insurance coverage with the correct information.

Do you have a question? Or a tip you'd like to share with PISGS licensees? Please send to PISGStips@dps.ohio.gov