PISGS Mid-Week Minute - August 3, 2022

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August 3, 2022

Safer Ohio Standout

July 2022

The individuals below have been nominated by their organization, Securitas Security Services USA, as exemplary employees who go above and beyond to contribute to a safer Ohio. The Safer Ohio Standouts for the month of July 2022 are: Norman Dent, Timothy Golden, Marvin Goodman, Darrell Stanley, and Steven Stanley,  


Congratulations to our standouts!

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Since Norman Dent started his career in 2016, he has shown the qualities of what an officer should be and sets an example for others. He has had perfect attendance and always has a positive attitude on display.

Timothy Golden began his career in 2008 and is currently a supervisor. Last winter, his entire staff became ill at the same time. Not only did he manage to have all posts covered, he also implemented new safety protocols to attempt to prevent such an event happening again.

Marvin Goodman started his career in 2018. He has been a supervisor for a large client. His work has been so outstanding that the client has tried to hire him. However, Marvin prefers to stay employed with Securitas in order to keep the site secure.

Darrell Stanley returned to Securitas in 2021 as a supervisor. The client loves the work Darrell and his team do so much, the client held an appreciation day for them by providing food and prizes.

Since starting with Securitas several years ago, Steven Stanley has worked on setting up new projects. As a supervisor, he goes above and beyond to ensure all shifts are covered and keeps the client in the loop on every aspect of each project.


If your organization would like to nominate an employee as a Safer Ohio Standout, click HERE to download the form or visit the PISGS website at www.pisgs.ohio.gov.

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