PISGS Mid-Week Minute - June 15, 2022

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June 15, 2022


In accordance with recent rules changes, Ohio Administrative Code 4501:7-1-11 (Records) now indicates the following:

A. Require that licensees keep true and correct records of all business transactions for the current calendar year plus two previous calendar years 

B. Records are to be provided to the Department upon request, to include: 

      1. Hire dates for registrants 
      2. Dates worked by registrants 
      3. Dates worked by registrants while armed 
      4. Termination dates of registrants 
      5. Proof of current commission for any unregistered peace officers 
      6. Waivers for registrants working while their application is pending approval 
      7. Payroll records indicating dates and hours worked by registrants 
      8. Record of independent contractors providing security or private investigatory services 
      9. Payment records to independent contractor and invoices submitted 

C. Prohibits a person from falsifying, altering or tampering with any records 

If you have any questions regarding the changes or how it may affect your business, please email pisglr@dps.ohio.gov or call the PISGS customer service line at (614) 466-4130.

Do you have a question? Or a tip you'd like to share with PISGS licensees? Please send to PISGStips@dps.ohio.gov