PISGS Mid-Week Minute - May 19, 2021

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May 19, 2021

Safer Ohio Standout

May 2021

The individuals below have been nominated by their organizations as a exemplary employees who go above and beyond to contribute to a safer Ohio. The Safer Ohio Standouts for the month of May 2021 are: Shane Blum, Official Investigations & Security Services, Inc.; Douglas Emery, Belltower International, LLC; and Zachary Pike, Ohio Security & Protection Solutions, LLC.

Congratulations to all of our standouts.

Shane Blum
Official Investigations & Security Services, Inc.

Shane Blum

Shane was nominated by his company's CEO. The nomination stated that "Shane has been with my company for a year and already has risen to the rank of lieutenant. He has been selflessly working to grow the company by attempting to land new clients as well as take on new
responsibilities. He has made himself available at all hours of the day."

Douglas Emery
Belltower International, LLC

Douglas Emery

Douglas was nominated by his company's CEO. The nomination stated that, "Major Doug Emery maintains the highest amount of tactical and medical training I have ever seen in law enforcement."
"Doug has even went above and beyond by starting a police training foundation, where he provides current law enforcement with high quality tactical and medical training, sometimes at no cost."
"Doug's heart in law enforcement is unmatched and Ohio should be proud to have him on its side."

Zachary Pike
Ohio Security & Protection Solutions, LLC

Zachary Pike

Zachary was nominated by his company's President. The nomination stated that, "Zach Pike has been an exemplary private security officer to our clients in central Ohio, with his current assignment being the armed escort of the world's most precious cargo - the COVID vaccine.
Zach has completed both the OPOTC Private Security and Law Enforcement Certifications. Zach is always seeking ways to improve the quality of service to our clients. We have received many laudatory comments regarding Zach's professional, friendly and helpful demeanor. Zach's professionalism brings distinct credit upon himself, our company, and the private security industry."

If your organization would like to nominate an employee as a Safer Ohio Standout, click HERE to download the form or visit the PISGS website at www.pisgs.ohio.gov.

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