PISGS Mid-Week Minute - January 20, 2021

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January 20, 2021

Safer Ohio Standout

January 2021

The individuals below have been nominated by their organizations as a exemplary employees who go above and beyond to contribute to a safer Ohio. The Safer Ohio Standouts for the month of January 2021 are: Lisa Gentry, Health and Safety Sciences, LLC; Carl Koster, WESS Event Services; and Cole McKee, Robert Anthony Sean, LLC.

Congratulations to all of our standouts.

Lisa Gentry
Health and Safety Sciences, LLC

Lisa Gentry

Lisa was nominated by her company's Office Manager. The nomination stated that "Lisa supervises a team of security guards for one of our Cincinnati clients. She is dedicated to the team, the client's location is secure. Her position requires flexibility in adjusting to the frequent changes a security company, and the client. She handles the challenges of scheduling well and is committed to ensuring the position entails. She demonstrates excellent communication skills and handles the challenges of her position with calmness and confidence. Lisa is an asset to our company and we feel like our team and our client are safer under her leadership."

Carl Koster
WESS Event Services

Carl Koster

Carl was nominated by his company's Account Manager. The nomination stated that what makes Carl a Safer Ohio Standout is his "consistency and [he] is always going above and beyond to ensure employee safety. [He] is willing to do what must be done, with no questions asked."

Cole McKee
Robert Anthony Sean, LLC

Cole McKee

Cole was nominated by his company's Chief Executive Officer. The nomination stated that, "Cole McKee has been with Robert Anthony Sean Security Services (RAS) since day one. Prior to joining RAS, Cole was in The Ohio State University's ROTC program for two years and also completed an externship with the Franklin County Sheriff's Office. Clients have continually praised Cole for his detailed
reporting, attention to detail, and willingness to assist in any way he can. Furthermore, Cole has sought out additional training from senior staff like QA Jim Levine, and always goes above and beyond his responsibilities to help make Ohio a safer place.

If your organization would like to nominate an employee as a Safer Ohio Standout, click HERE to download the form or visit the PISGS website at www.pisgs.ohio.gov.

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