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September/October 2018


PISGS to Provide Clarification on Registration Process

In an effort to provide a clear understanding and clarification on the law pertaining to the registration of private security employees (Ohio Revised Code 4749.06), PISGS will be providing a letter and registration guide to all licensees and registrants.

The letter provides detailed requirements of the law, steps that are required to register with the state and clear guidance of when a registrant is eligible to legally work.

The registration guide will serve as an easy reference on the steps required to become legally registered with PISGS.

As always, the PISGS staff is available to assist with any questions or issues that arise in the registration or licensing process.

Registration Guide

Sample of the registration guide.

PISGS Licensing & Registration Unit Administrator contributes to recent IASIR newsletter


In a recent Summer edition of the International Association of Security & Investigative Regulators (IASIR) newsletter, PISGS Licensing & Registration Unit Administrator Aleta Dodson shared her thoughts and experiences of attending her first IASIR conference.

Dodson attended the 2017 IASIR conference and noted that it "was interesting to see the similarities in the regulatory concerns between security/private investigator contractors and government agencies. Both place a high priority on the proper clearance and background checks necessary to ensure individuals hired to perform these services do not pose a risk to clients, consumers and citizens."

Dodson underlined the value of attending the conference by stating that it "was a great example of IASIR's ongoing mission to bring government and industry together to generate the best solutions for shared concerns."

To read the entire article, click here: First-Time Attendee Impressed by Shared Concerns.

During their 2018 annual conference in October, IASIR held a vote to fill their Board of Directors.

As a result of the vote, Aleta was selected as one of only four individuals to serve as Director-at-Large. Her term will run from 2018 to 2020.

Congratulations Aleta.

Recent News Story Illustrates Concerns With Illegal Security Uniforms

A news story by WEWS Cleveland was aired recently regarding a security guard who caused concerns at a local college in northeast Ohio.

According to the story, the guard was armed with a weapon and wore a uniform that looked like that of a police officer, including 'peace officer' patches.

PISGS Enforcement Supervisor James Borntrager was interviewed for the story and discussed the concern for public safety when it comes to someone wearing patches and badges that are in violation of state law.

Check out the full story here: "Fake 'peace officer' with gun causes stir on local college campus"

License Renewal Season Begins on January 2

The license renewal period will begin on January 2, 2019.  A reminder notification will be emailed to all licensees with the online link to use to complete the renewal process.

All PISGS licenses are set to expire on March 1, 2019 and all licensed providers must renew their license and qualifying agent(s) prior to that date.

If you let your license expire, you cannot provide services, advertise, or solicit business, and all registered employees are terminated.

NOTE: If you have closed your business, please mail a letter to PISGS indicating the date your business ceased operations. You must also include your wall license and qualifying agent card with your letter.

Safer Ohio App

Did you know that the Ohio Department of Public Safety offers an app that allows you to report suspicious activity?

The Safer Ohio app can be used to send a message and even a photo of suspicious activity directly to the state's fusion center.

Other options available through the app include: requesting a trooper for roadside assistance; reporting school-related threats; and traffic conditions through OHGO.

The app is available for FREE download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.


PISGS currently offers industry personnel two online training modules that were created in cooperation with the Ohio Private Investigation and Security Services Commission (OPISSC):

  • Module 1: Role of a Security Guard and Private Investigator; and
  • Module 2: Access Control.

These modules and other training resources can be accessed through the PISGS Training Page.

Carry Your Card

According to Ohio Administrative Code 4501:7-1-10 "Each employee shall produce his identification card upon the request of an authorized representative of the department (of Public Safety) or any law enforcement authority."

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