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Ohio Department of Agriculture   -   September 2021

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- USDA ASF Action Week

- Asian Longhorned Tick

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USDA Sponsors ASF Action Week, September 13th-17th, 2021

Anne Parkinson, BS, ADDL Serology Section Head 


ASF Picture

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is inviting interested stakeholders to join the agency on September 13th-17th for the launch of ASF Action Week. The week will feature a series of daily webinars aimed at educating stakeholders about African Swine Fever, how it spreads globally, and how USDA/APHIS plans to protect US swine herds.  Stakeholders will also learn what biosafety measures they can take now to prevent the introduction of ASF into the US herd.  With the detection of ASF in the Dominican Republic, it is even more urgent to adopt and maintain biosafety practices that protect the security and safety of our food supply in Ohio and the US. 


To sign up for the Stakeholder Registry and receive daily updates during ASF Action Week, please click here – registrations are accepted for email and SMS/text message notifications.  Once registered, confirmation emails will be sent with additional details for access to site resources to print, post, and share and stakeholders are encouraged to register for any or all webinars of their interest throughout ASF Action Week.   

State Officials Warn Livestock Owners About Emerging Asian Longhorned Tick 

Dennis Summers, DVM, Dipl. ACVPM, Interim State Veterinarian/Chief of Animal Health


The Asian Longhorned Tick (ALHT), Haemaphysalis longicornis, has recently been discovered in cattle herds in two Ohio counties. On July 30, 2021, the State Veterinarians Office was notified that the tick was detected in beef herds in Jackson and Monroe counties. Heavy infestations have led to some cattle deaths. This is significant as this marks the first known cattle (livestock) infestation in Ohio. In July 2020, ODA was informed that this tick was identified on a dog from Gallia County.  


In 2017, this non-native and invasive tick species was found for the first time in the United States (New Jersey). Since then, it has moved across several mid-Atlantic states into West Virginia and now Ohio. This tick poses a significant disease threat and economic impact to Ohio’s livestock industry as it transmits over a dozen diseases that have human and animal health impacts.  

There is great concern amongst animal health officials about the potential impacts on livestock and wildlife. This tick can feed in large populations (known as a tick mass) on warm-blooded host animals which can lead to reduced growth, animal production, and in severe cases sufficient blood loss can result in death. Thus far, 17 different mammal species and one avian species have been infested with Asian Longhorned ticks. Mammals include sheep, goats, dogs, cats, horses, elk, cattle, deer, opossums, raccoons, foxes and humans. The ALHT is a three-host tick, indicating it will feed on a different host for each life stage. Additionally, this tick can reproduce without mating with a male. A single female can lay between 2,000 and 4,000 eggs, leading to heavy populations in some areas. This wide host range and unique tick biology leads to endemic tick populations in the environment that are difficult to control.  

Producers are encouraged to treat their livestock regularly for ticks and other external parasites. Additionally, environmental control measures are recommended. For livestock owners these include keeping grass and weeds trimmed and clearing overgrown brush in pastures and yards. Consult with your local veterinarian regarding preventive strategies to control external parasites. 


For additional information please visit the Monitoring Asian longhorned tick (ALHT) populations in Ohio Resource Page.


2021 All-American Quarter Horse Congress

Anne Parkinson, BS, ADDL Serology Section Head


The 2021 All-American Quarter Horse Congress will be held starting on Tuesday, September 28th and will run thru Sunday, October 24th at the Ohio Exposition Center in Columbus, Ohio.  The Congress is the largest single breed horse show in the US with more than 17,000 entries and 6,000 horses.  The ADDL is prepared to provide Equine Infectious Anemia Virus (EIAV) testing 7 days a week in support of this event. Samples may be dropped off to the lab from 8AM to 5PM, M-F during normal business hours.  The EIAV ELISA test results are provided on the SAME day for samples received by 12 noon weekdays. Samples received after noon will be reported the following day.


To arrange weekend, holiday or after-hours testing contact Anne Parkinson, Serology Section Head, at 614-989-8036. For weekend/holiday submissions (including Monday - October 11th, Columbus Day) samples must arrive at the lab by 10 AM to receive same day results. Test costs are $5.60/sample, plus an $8.00 accession fee for in-state samples and $8.40/sample, plus a $10 accessioning fee for out-of-state samples.  In addition, a $75.00 charge will be assessed for all accessions tested on the weekend, holiday, or after-hours.  Cash, checks, or credit cards must accompany after-hours submissions.


When submitting EIAV samples please use the Ohio Equine Infectious Anemia Test Record and include “Quarter Horse Congress” at the top of the form above the owner’s name.  Serum samples for EIAV testing must be collected by a veterinarian that is licensed and accredited by the State of Ohio.  Results for these submissions will be emailed to the submitting veterinarian thru the Quarter Horse Congress Hall office – unless other arrangements are made by the submitting veterinarian.  If you have questions during normal business hours please contact Anne Parkinson (, 614-995-1495 (direct office) - or call the main lab line at 614-728-6220 for assistance.


Please see the Quarter Horse Congress website for info on show health requirements here.  Also note that Ohio DOES NOT accept the Extended Equine CVI (EECVI) for entry to the show.

Labor Day Holiday

In observance of Labor Day, Ohio ADDL will be closed on Monday, September 6, 2021.


If you need to contact us regarding an urgent matter, please use our after hours phone number: (888) 456-3405