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Ohio Department of Agriculture   -   FEBRUARY 2019

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Equine Herpesvirus Myeloencephalpathy (EHM) in Two Ohio Horses

Dr. Jeff Hayes, MS, DVM, ADDL Pathology Section Head 

Two cases of neurologic disease in horses associated with equine herpesvirus infection were detected by the ADDL in January, 2019. The first case involved a 2-year-old Standardbred mare from Morgan County that developed acute neurologic signs progressing rapidly to inability to stand after first showing nasal discharge 1-2 weeks earlier. No gross lesions were observed at necropsy. Nucleic acid of equine herpesvirus type 1 was detected from a nasal swab from the horse, and the premise was placed under quarantine by the Department of Agriculture. No other cases have been identified at the premise since that time.


A second case involved a mare from a farm in Knox County. The mare had clinical signs including a fever of 101.5 degrees F, weakness progressing to marked ataxia in the rear limbs, and the mare aborted at approximately 7 months’ gestation. PCR testing at a commercial laboratory detected EHV-1 DNA from both a nasal swab and buffy coat sample of the horse, and the farm was placed under quarantine. Fortunately, since that time no other cases have occurred and follow up testing is ongoing prior to release of the quarantine.


In cases of onset of neurologic disease in horses, practitioners are reminded to include EHM associated with equine herpesvirus infection in the differential diagnosis. Submitting nasal swabs in sterile saline, PBS solution or virus transport media as well as whole blood (e.g., EDTA tube) are excellent samples for testing at the ADDL. Contact the ADDL at 614-728-6220 if you have questions or need virus transport medium shipped to you.


Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Testing at the ADDL

Dr. Jeff Hayes, MS, DVM, ADDL Pathology Section Head 

Testing for the molecular marker of chronic wasting disease (CWD) by immunohistochemistry is a major aspect of work provided by the Pathology Section of the ADDL. Since the latter half of 2014 through January, 2019 - a time period just over 4.5 years - the ADDL has tested more than 42,000 tissues from more than 18,000 deer for evidence of CWD infection. In this time, only 4 deer of the 18,282 deer examined were found to contain the PrP-res protein in lymph node or brain tissue, all of which were confirmed by the National Veterinary Services Laboratories (NVSL) of the USDA. More than 10,000 cervids, mainly white-tailed-deer, tested during this time have been primarily captive deer associated with the Ohio Captive White-tailed-deer Program, but more than 7700 deer have been wild deer submitted by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife. Notably, no wild deer in Ohio has ever been found to test positive for CWD during not only this time frame, but also since the ADDL began such testing in wild deer in 2002.  If you have any questions about testing deer for CWD or would like information about the Ohio Captive White-tailed-deer Program, please call the ADDL at 614-728-6220.

Fun Fact

The Alkaline Hydrolysis Digester was purchased in the Spring of 2005. The digester can hold 7,000 pounds of animal waste per run cycle. Over the course of the life of the digester we have processed a total of 1,704,188 pounds of animal waste. We have completed 277 cycles on average processing 5,696 pounds per run.



The ADDL Alkaline Hydrolysis Digestor. Photo by Erika Wrigley.

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