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Ohio Department of Agriculture   -   NOVEMBER 2017

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- Canine influenza in Ohio

- Backyard Poultry Workshops

 - Blackleg in a calf

- AAVLD Meeting 

- November Holidays

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Outbreak of canine influenza in Ohio

Melanie Prarat, MS, ADDL Virology Section 

Numerous cases of canine influenza virus (CIV) H3N2 have been recently confirmed in Ohio, notably in the Columbus and Toledo areas. Many of the cases are dogs that were exposed to other dogs at boarding or day care facilities or other public locations. Canine influenza is a highly infectious respiratory disease which can be transmitted via contact with an infected dog or aerosolized droplets. As with other infectious diseases, extra precautions may be needed with puppies, elderly or pregnant dogs, and dogs that are immunocompromised. Symptoms of canine influenza include loss of appetite, nasal discharge, lethargy, and fever. Vaccines for the H3N2 and H3N8 strains of canine influenza are available. The ADDL offers a real-time CIV PCR assay with a 24 hour turn around time for the detection of the virus in dogs. Appropriate sample types include nasal and/or nasopharyngeal swabs immersed in 1-2 ml BHI broth or saline, 1-2 mL tracheal wash or fresh tissue (trachea, lung). Samples should be collected, shipped and tested within the first four days of clinical signs (Our website has additional information about sample collection). The test fee is $30.00 per sample. For more information please contact the Virology Laboratory at 614-728-6220 or Virology@agri.ohio.gov.


Canine influenza is not considered to be zoonotic and is not reportable in Ohio. Cornell University maintains a map of the Canine Influenza Surveillance Network H3N2 activity nationally from the past 45 days.


ADDL pathologists assist OSU with backyard poultry medicine workshops

Jeff Hayes, MS, DVM, ADDL Pathology Section Head 

Drs. Craig Sarver and Jeff Hayes at the ADDL partnered with Dr. Mohammed El-Gazzar, Poultry Extension Veterinarian at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in the second annual Backyard Poultry Medicine workshops conducted October 3-5, 2017 in Wooster, Reynoldsburg and Dayton, Ohio. Drs. Sarver and Hayes provided one hour seminars on diagnostic services available at the ADDL for poultry cases.Images of common disease conditions in chickens, turkeys, quail and other poultry were shared. ADDL pathologists also assisted with wet lab sessions for practitioners to help them gain skills in antemortem sampling and in performing chicken necropsies. The ADDL is glad to provide practitioners with diagnostic support to investigate causes of backyard poultry illness and mortality. The Ohio Department of Agriculture regards backyard poultry disease investigations as a critical component of surveillance for avian influenza virus infection. Call 614-728-6220 for more information.


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Pathology Case Report: Blackleg in a 3 month old beef crossbred heifer calf

Jeff Hayes, MS, DVM, ADDL Pathology Section Head 

A 2-3 month old beef crossbred heifer calf was found acutely dead the morning of Sunday, 10/15/2017 after showing no premonitory signs of illness. This was the third calf to die at that premise in the past 2-3 weeks. The second calf which died in the previous week was found down and was reluctant to rise one day, and was found acutely dead the next day. Necropsy showed antemortem necrosis of skeletal muscle tissue limited to a multifocal and coalescing pattern in the dorsal aspect of the left shoulder region – muscle fibers were dark red to black, dry and contained entrapped gas. There was abundant entrapped gas in the overlying subcutaneous tissue (subcutaneous emphysema) that was palpable by external examination. The affected muscle tissue had a prominent butyric acid / rancid odor. Immunofluorescence testing of the affected muscle tissue demonstrated large numbers of Clostridium chauveoi bacilli, confirming a diagnosis of clostridial myositis, or blackleg. The veterinarian was notified of these results the same day the calf was submitted for examination. In Ohio, blackleg seems to have notable consistent features including seasonality (late summer and early fall), geography (southeastern Ohio primarily), epidemiology (young calves on pasture with dams), and clinical presentation (acute death with or without a history of lameness / reluctance to move). Often multiple calves are affected before one is submitted for necropsy examination.

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Staff represents ADDL at 60th Annual AAVLD Meeting

Melanie Prarat, MS, ADDL Virology Section

Drs. Bev Byrum, Jing Cui, and Yan Zhang, as well as Melanie Prarat, represented the ADDL at the 60th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians in San Diego, California from October 12-16.  The following presentations were made by ADDL during the meeting:


- Using the QIAxcel Advanced for genotyping of Clostridium perfringens (Melanie Prarat, recipient of an AAVLD Staff Travel Award)

- Detection and characterization of a  canine distemper outbreak in Ohio, 2016 (M. Prarat, J Hayes, J Cui, C McKee, B. Byrum, Y. Zhang)

- A multiplex RT-PCR approach for identification of swine respiratory pathogen targets (M. Prarat, J. Van Balen, J. Cui, B. Byrum, Y. Zhang)

- Phenotypic analysis of Brucella canis isolates from Ohio (L. Wang, M, Weisner, J. Cui, Y. Zhang)


The ADDL will be CLOSED on November 10 (Veteran's Day) and November 23 (Thanksgiving). If you need to contact us regarding an urgent matter, please use our after hours phone number: (888) 456-3405