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Ohio Department of Agriculture   -   JANUARY 2017

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Electronic EIAV Reporting

Anne Parkinson, ADDL Serology Section Head

On November 1, 2016, the ADDL moved to electronic reporting of official Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA)  test results.  Results are now available to practitioners thru email, fax, or web portal. Practitioners may forward results to owners as needed. No additional fees are charged for this service and test results are available before 12 noon the next day in a .PDF format.  This change does not affect any samples being submitted thru Global Vet Link or the USDA VSPS System.


Electronic test results are accepted for movement by most states, although some state, including Florida, currently require a direct .PDF file from the practitioner for movement into that state.  For international travel into Canada, electronic test results must be provided to the USDA/APHIS/VS office directly from the laboratory.  If movement of the animal requires an original hardcopy of test results, this request can be accommodated – though no guarantee of delivery time thru the USPS will be offered.  Overnight couriers delivery methods can be provided for an additional shipping fee. 


Practitioners servicing approved livestock markets or other equine sales in the state will continue to receive official hardcopies of their EIA test results.


Please verify that the ADDL has your current email, fax or web portal access on file to ensure you receive results in a timely manner.  Please contact Linda Barber  (barber@agri.ohio.gov) or Ann Parkinson (parkinson@agri.ohio.gov) at 614-728-6220 if you have any questions.


Brucella canis presentation and Wet Lab

Melanie Prarat, ADDL Virology Section

The Commercial Dog Breeders Act, effective since March 13, 2013, requires high volume breeders in Ohio to test their canines regularly to gain certification as a Brucella canis-free kennel. The indirect fluorescent antibody (IFA) test is a valuable screening tool for samples received at ADDL, while the tube agglutination test (TAT), is used as a confirmation test for samples positive by the IFA.  In 2016, the ADDL tested 17,197 serum samples for the presence of B. canis antibodies. It is important to note that practitioners must report all B. canis tests done in their practice to the Office of the State Veterinarian  


Dr. Yan Zhang, ADDL Virology Section Head, will present an update about the detection of B. canis at the Midwest Veterinary Conference in the Greater Columbus Convention Center on February 24th, 2017 at 8:00 AM.  A hands-on wet lab presented by OSU in conjunction with ODA and Zoetis will be provided at 9:30 AM that day. Participants will walk through the steps of an outbreak.



PRRS Sequencing

Melanie Prarat, ADDL Virology Section

Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) continues to cause significant economic losses nationally.  In Ohio, several PRRS strains circulate, including an emerging 1-7-4 strain that is associated with late term abortion losses and sow death.  In 2016, nearly 40% of all PRRSV isolates sequenced at ADDL were the RFLP 1-7-4 strain. The ADDL offers PRRS ORF5 and whole genome sequencing services to help our clients determine which PRRS strain may be present within a herd.  Our sequencing analyses will also provide information regarding similarity of a PRRSV isolate to circulating wild-type and vaccine strains present in the United States.  If you are interested in having your PRRSV isolates sequenced, please contact us: 614-728-6220 or animal@agri.ohio.gov.

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus

Whole genome sequencing of PEDV isolates from pig farms of Ohio reveal that the circulating virus is the same virus that caused the 2013 nationwide epidemic. The number of cases reported in 2016 was higher than in 2015, but still significantly less than in 2014 and 2013.  Enhanced biosecurity measures at production facilities and increased surveillance may have resulted in the dramatic drop in PEDV cases.

Lab Holiday Schedule

The Ohio ADDL will be closed on Monday, February 20th, 2017 in observance of President's Day. 


For additional information and resources, please visit our website.  If you need to contact us regarding an urgent matter, please use our after hours phone number: (888) 456-3405.