GreenSpot Household eNewsletter - August 2022


GreenSpot Household eNewsletter - August 2022

The Earth is what we all have in common.
—Wendell Berry

Topics in this edition include:

  • Urban Heat Map update-thank you volunteers!
  • Member benefit: wastewater treatment facility, Wyandot Lodge Net Zero building tours
  • Green Columbus tree giveaway
  • Hoover Reservoir clean-up
  • Columbus Area Solar Co-op
  • Green Bexley’s Sustainable September
  • GreenSpot Community Backyard rebates
  • Green Tip o’ the Day
Two people standing by their car with the heat sensor installed for the heat mapping project.

Urban Heat Map update-thank you volunteers!

The Columbus Area Urban Heat Island Mapping Project was successful in gathering data. Volunteers traversed one of 22 routes one to three times a day. A big shout out to the more than 200 volunteers that expressed interest in helping out and thank you to the 78 people who rode the routes. Thanks to Giant Eagle for providing gift cards for the volunteers.

The Columbus area was one of 14 cities in the US that received funding from NOAA to map out the heat island. Data collected by volunteers will be used to develop temperature and heat index maps for Columbus and parts of Franklin County. The final report is expected in about two months’ time. Data will support goals of the Columbus Climate Action Plan including strategic tree-planting and climate resiliency hub placement. 

Partners for the project included NOAA, CAPA Strategies, Sustainable Columbus, Columbus Public Utilities, Columbus GreenSpot, Columbus City Council, Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center, Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, Green Columbus, Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed, Franklin County Public Health, Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District, Columbus Recreation and Parks Department, Columbus Public Utilities, Bronzeville Growers Market, and Keep Columbus Beautiful.

picture of the Wyandot Lodge

Member benefit: wastewater treatment facility, Wyandot Lodge Net Zero building tours

Part of being a GreenSpot member is getting the opportunity to go on exclusive tours. Members have had the opportunity to tour Com-Til, a recycling facility, high quality wetlands, and more. The following tours are coming up:

  1. Net Zero building tour: built in 2017, the Wyandot Lodge not only provides education and connects people to nature, it uses way less energy and water than a conventional building. Take a guided tour with experts from Recreation and Parks Department, USGBC, and AIA Columbus to learn about this cool, green building. Tour is limited to 20 people. Registration required.
    When: Tuesday, September 20th 12:30pm-1:30pm
    Register: email with “Net Zero” in the subject line.
  2. Southerly Wastewater Treatment Plant tour: once the water goes down your drain it will end up at one of the city’s wastewater treatment plants. The plant treats the wastewater to make it clean before it goes back into the river. Tour the Southerly WWTP and see how it all happens. Tour is limited to 20 people, 18 years or older, registration required.
    When: Thursday, September 29th at 11am to noon.
    Register: email with “wasterwater” in the subject line.

Woman with her child standing in front of a tree they just planted.

Green Columbus tree giveaway

There are almost 100 common species of tree in Ohio. They provide so many benefits: they give off oxygen, soak up storm water, provide habitat to hundreds of species, provide shade on hot days and wind break on winter days, lower crime, store carbon, and simply look cool. GreenSpot member Green Columbus will be hosting THREE free tree giveaways this fall. Learn the dates and register here.

people standing behind the mound of trash they clean up

Hoover Reservoir clean-up

Join Columbus Watershed Management Saturday October 1, 2022 9 a.m. to noon. at Hoover Reservoir to pick up litter, meet new people, and make a difference.

For more information, including meet up location, please call the Watershed Management Section at 614-645-1721.

A flyer for the Solar Coop campaign where households can get discounts on solar panels and installation.

Columbus Area Solar Co-op

You have until October 15th to join the 2022 Columbus Area Solar Co-op! In support of the Columbus Climate Action Plan goals, Sustainable Columbus partnered with Solar United Neighbors and other community organizations to help residents go solar. Anyone in Franklin County can join and benefits include a trusted non-profit support to navigate the process, discounted group pricing (including hefty tax credits), and a free roof assessment with no obligation to proceed until you sign a contract with the installer. The next Info Session will be held Sept. 14th 7pm – 8pm at the Bexley Public Library. 2022 Columbus Area Solar-Op

Green Bexley Logo of three oak leaves forming a circle

Green Bexley’s Sustainable September

Our friends at Green Bexley will be holding four workshops in September covering plant-rich diets, solar, reducing food waste, and community action. Learn about how these topics impact the climate and what steps you can make a difference. Click here for dates and times.

GreenSpot Backyards logo

GreenSpot Community Backyard rebates

Looking for a rain barrel, native tree, native plant or compost bin? GreenSpot Community Backyards has you covered. Columbus GreenSpot, Public Utilities, Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District, and SWACO have teamed up to offer up to a $50 rebate on native trees or rain barrel; $25 rebate on native plants; and a $100 composter for only $30 for eligible households. Rebates are limited, so take an online quiz before September 30th. Learn how you can be the solution to stormwater pollution beginning right at home. 

photo of a cell phone on the dialing page

Green Tip o’ the Day

Paying bills online or over the phone not only saves a stamp, but also paper. Automatic bill pay saves even more paper. If you pay five bills online or over the phone a month that saves you $36 a year and at least 60 sheets of paper. There are 5,063 GreenSpot members that took this pledge meaning, they’ve collectively saved $182,268 and 303,780 sheets of paper.

GreenSpot is a program of the City of Columbus Department of Public Utilities. Stay connected through our website.