GreenSpot Household eNewsletter-March 2019

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GreenSpot Household eNewsletter - March 2019

“When you realize the value of all life, you dwell less on what is past and concentrate more on the preservation of the future.”
                                                                                                             ― Dian Fossey

Topics in this edition include:

  • Vernal Pool Expeditions-limited space
  • Top ten actions to save water at home
  • Columbus Litter League
  • C-pass program
  • GreenSpot Reminders
  • Earth Day next month!
  • Did you know they are a GreenSpot? Corporate Cleaners Inc.
GreenSpot logo in the field

Vernal Pool Expeditions-limited space

There are a few spots left to take a tour of the Coyote Run vernal pools. These pools have been preserved by Coyote Run and can only be seen by appointment. Will we hear spring peepers? Chorus frogs? Gray tree frogs? See salamanders? Their egg masses or larvae? Only one way to find out and that is by going on the tour!

The expedition takes place Sunday, April 7th from 10-11:30 at Coyote Run (near Pickerington). The expeditions are free but rsvp are required. For more information or to sign up please email

Conserve water image

Top ten actions to save water at home

There are many actions you can take to conserve water and save money. Below is not an exhaustive list, but some easy steps you can take.

1. Turn off water when you brush your teeth can save more than two gallons of water each day.

2. Install a rain barrel and use the water to water the lawn or (better) your native plant garden. 

3. Us old pet water to water the plants.

4. Keep showers to 5 minutes or less (believe it or not, it can be done!).

5. Install water-efficient showerheads, toilets, and aerators. Look for the WaterSense logo.

6. Check for a leaky toilet. Use a couple drops of food dye in the back of the tank (not bowl) and wait 15 minutes. If you see any of the dye in the bowl the flapper in the tank is leaking. Make sure to flush the toilet so the dye doesn’t stain the tank or bowl.

7. Wash your car at a carwash and not at home. You’ll use less water and it’s better for the environment.

8. Never let the water run needlessly when you shave.

9. Do laundry only when you have a full load.

10. Keep an eye on your water bill to spot leaks.

More information here.

Columbus Litter League graphic

Columbus Litter League

The Columbus Litter League is a competitive, team style litter abatement initiative. The 2019 season will launch on Saturday, May 18th and will run until Saturday, August 24th.

The Litter League will be divided into four divisions - South, West, North and East - and teams will be able to select the division they would like to play under. Click here to sign up!

Downtown C-pass logo

C-pass program

Downtown workers in eligible buildings can now ride COTA for free, thanks to a partnership between Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District, COTA and the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission. See if you and your company are eligible and learn more about the program at

GreenSpot Reminders

Logging your GreenSpot commitments is easy to do but sometimes life gets in the way of remembering to do it. Now it is easy as ever when you sign up for a weekly e-mail reminder! We’ll send you a reminder e-mail to log into your account and log your green progress like the number of times you used a reusable bag, paid bills online, changed out lights to LED, planted a tree, or purchased an EnergyStar rated appliance. Can we get 100 people to sign up? E-mail to sign up for free!


Green Columbus banner on Facebook

Earth Day next month!

Earth Day Columbus is a week of citizen action taking place across Central Ohio during which thousands of everyday people will pitch in to make our city a little greener! From planting trees to cleaning up litter to beautifying parks, there are dozens of opportunities to organize or join in an Earth Day Service Site. Choose how to take part!

Sign up to volunteer and pitch in on a project being organized by an Earth Day Columbus Service Site.

Corporate Cleaners Inc. logo

Did you know they are a GreenSpot? Corporate Cleaners Inc.

It’s not just clean; its Corporate Clean is not just their tagline, it’s what they do. They positively impact our environment and set the standard for environmentally friendly commercial cleaning. They value family and making a difference in the lives of their employees, customers, and community.
At Corporate Cleaning Inc. they take pride in their cleaning and love doing it with a smile.
Established in 1997, they represent a value-added resource. They strive to provide their employees with opportunities to flourish, their customers with industry-leading services, and our community with unwavering support. Today the CCI family has about 30 team members.
They have instituted green actions:

  • Facilitate carpooling for their 30+ employees, which reduced excess vehicle pollution.
  • Incorporate their locally sourced, environmentally friendly cleaning products into their standard totes.
  • Reduce waste by using refillable bottles at their construction sites, office complexes, and commercial buildings.
  • Instruct their team on proper waste removal techniques, i.e. do not pour dirty water into the construction site sewers.
  • Utilize energy efficient appliances to clean work towels. They do not use paper towels.
  • Initiate the ‘Print less’ program reducing paper and ink cost by 33%.

Last year they:

  • Switched to electronic invoices, online payments, electronic paystubs, and electronic W2s.
  • Purchased in bulk to reduce onsite office products, i.e. paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags.
  • Graduated from the 2018 GreenSpot Business Sustainability Course!

Catch them in the year 2023 to see about more of our Clean23 green efforts! It is their goal to sponsor and collaborate with 4 of our current customers to plant mini wetlands onsite.

GreenSpot is a program of the City of Columbus Department of Public Utilities. Stay connected through our website.