BMV Expands Self-Service Kiosks in the Cleveland Area

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For Immediate Release: January 23, 2024


BMV Expands Self-Service Kiosks in the Cleveland Area

(CLEVELAND, Ohio)— Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) Registrar Charlie Norman joined Steve Ferris from Discount Drug Mart today to announce a new BMV Express self-service kiosk location in the Cleveland area. Featured at 29 deputy registrar and retail locations across the state, the system enables customers to conveniently renew their vehicle registrations at the self-service kiosk. The announcement was made at the Discount Drug Mart located on Detroit Avenue in Lakewood.

Several of the locations allow 24/7availability to the kiosks, giving customers round-the-clock access to in-person vehicle registration renewal. Users are able to instantly print off their registration card and validation stickers directly from the kiosk. Over 275,000 Ohioans have saved a trip to the BMV by using a BMV Express kiosk.

“Since 2021, more than 5.8 million visits to the BMV have been avoided because of innovative online solutions,” said BMV Registrar Norman.  “We are dedicated to improving and enhancing the overall customer experience for Ohioans.”

Many services can be completed online through BMV Online Services. In addition to the expansion of kiosk locations, the modernization of BMV services includes the ability to renew a driver’s license online, transfer a title online, and take the driving knowledge test online. Ohioans have also saved over 600,000 hours of in-office wait time by using the BMV’s “Get In Line Online” virtual queuing system. The average statewide wait time at a BMV Deputy Registrar office for December 2023 was less than 10 minutes, among the lowest in the country.

“We strive every day to streamline our services to better meet customers’ diverse needs,” continued Norman. “The expansion of BMV Express Kiosks is another important step we’re taking to give Ohioans more options in how they choose to interact with the BMV.”

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