OnBoard: Limited Release Update

OnBoard: Limited Release Update

As you may be aware, the Workers’ Compensation Board has been actively developing a new and improved business information system, OnBoard, which will offer stakeholders a much easier and more efficient way of interacting with the Board.

While the Board had targeted late summer 2021 for the rollout of the first phase of the project, OnBoard: Limited Release, we are taking some additional time to perfect it, ensuring we deliver a high-quality, user-friendly system to our first users (primarily health care providers and payers). At this time, we do not have a firm revised launch date to share; however, the Board will provide at least four weeks’ notice to all stakeholders ahead of the new launch date. Please watch for updates.

Don’t wait – prepare for OnBoard: Limited Release now. If you haven’t already done so, take time now to register for OnBoard: Limited Release. Registration guides and videos are available for health care providers, payers, pharmacy benefit managers, medical review organizations and medical suppliers in the Resources section of the OnBoard: Limited Release webpage. Attorneys can also ensure their firm is signed up to receive email status alerts by having their eCase Online Administrator visit the eCase Online Administrator’s page on the Board’s website.

Implementations Coinciding with OnBoard: Limited Release

The effective dates for the Official New York Workers’ Compensation Durable Medical Equipment Fee Schedule, as well as refill and renewal compliance with the New York Workers’ Compensation Drug Formulary, will coincide with the future launch of OnBoard: Limited Release. Effective dates for several updated and new New York Medical Treatment Guidelines (MTGs) will also align with the launch.

We encourage you to view the MTGs trainings currently available for medical and non-medical professionals so you are prepared when the revised MTGs become effective. Trainings for newly adopted MTGs will be announced when they are available.

EDI Upgrade on Track for January

Along with developing OnBoard, the Board is in the process of upgrading from the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions' (IAIABC) Claims Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Release 3.0 (R3.0) to the IAIABC's Claims EDI Release 3.1 (R3.1). The IAIABC's Claims EDI is a national standard for trading partners to electronically submit employer claims data. The Board has targeted January 24, 2022, as the date by which trading partners must transition to Claims EDI R3.1 for submissions to New York State. Learn more about the Board’s eClaims EDI R3.1 upgrade.


Visit the Resources section of the OnBoard: Limited Release page for fact sheets, FAQs, registration guides, past webinars and more.

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