Important Virtual Hearings Update for Apple Users

Virtual Hearings Update for Apple Users

IMPORTANT: Beginning on May 8, 2020, in order to use the virtual hearings app on an iOS device, you must update your iOS to version 11 or newer.  This can be completed under “settings” on your iOS device.

The virtual hearings app is available to all those participating in hearings scheduled at any Board location. Hearing participants can sign in with the app, without having to use their device's mobile browsers. The app also features these benefits:

  • Saves your profile information so you can log in faster, daily.
  • Notifies you when your hearing is called or when you receive a message - even if you're using another app, phone feature, or if your screen is off.
  • Allows you to delete a hearing from your schedule if the information you entered is incorrect or you are no longer appearing for a case.

Visit the virtual hearings app webpage for more information.