COVID-19 Guidance: Submitting Medical Bills and Attached Reports

COVID-19 Guidance: Submitting Medical Bills and Attached Reports

Many insurance carriers, self-insured employers and third-party administrators are having their staff work from home during the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) health emergency. To accommodate this situation, the Board has changed its guidance on submitting medical bills and attached reports.

For payers submitting these documents to the Board, we ask that you please follow these guidelines:

If the medical bill is already in the case folder, the submitter should complete the form and note the Document ID for the medical bill. A copy should not be attached.

If the medical bill is not already in the case folder, and the submitter cannot attach it to the Notice of Treatment Issue(s)/Disputed Bill Issue(s) (Form C-8.1B), then the medical bill can be submitted separately, if the medical bill is submitted on the same day as the Form C-8.1B.  A notation on the form of a same day medical bill submission is also acceptable proof.

A photo or image of the medical bill is an acceptable submission in lieu of a scanned copy; however, our scanning vendor has advised us that photos taken on a mobile device produce large files that are not amenable to scanning. The vendor recommends downloading the Genius Scan app onto a mobile device for scanning medical bills. Genius Scan is a free download and produces image files that are smaller in size, and can be downloaded for an Apple iOS or Android device.

Forms should be submitted by email to

The medical bill should not also submitted by paper mail (this would create a duplicate in the case folder).

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This guidance can also be found on the WCB website.

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