Going Green at the Grocery Store

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The DEC is reducing its environmental footprint by undertaking numerous sustainability projects each year. These projects, which range from diverting organics from landfills to reducing energy use, decrease DEC's impact on the environment, save money and provide examples of actions citizens can take to be more environmentally friendly and save money.

Pollution Prevention Institute Grocery Store

Grocery Stores are Going Green!

Did you Know?

  • the average grocery store uses 1.5 million gallons of water each year
  • grocery stores dispose of half a million pounds of food waste annually, nearly all of which goes to the landfill
  • use 660 lbs. of cleaning products containing 150 lbs. of hazardous chemicals

The New York State Pollution Prevention Institute (NYSP2I) and DEC teamed up to help grocers drive down their operating costs and reduce their environmental footprint.

Sustainable Grocer Program - Read how the NYSP2I helped the independently-owned Cincinnatus Home Store switch to safer cleaning products, better manage their produce, and make sustainability part of its bottomline. 

Want to increase your sustainability practices at Work?

Buy Green

We’ve all heard it before – “buy green products” – but what does that mean and how do I know if I am really purchasing an environmentally preferable product for my home or business? New York State agencies have taken a close look at what it means to buy truly green products and where to find them. They have developed criteria to purchase items that reduce harmful health and environmental impacts, minimize toxicity in packaging, and maximize recycled and renewable content. Check out the deep dive on everything from carpeting to lighting and from electric vehicles to office furniture at the “Green NY” website.

Want some tips to increase your sustainability at Home?

Check out our Green Living tips on the DEC website. 

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