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Climate Week 2016: Energy and Climate

Sources of clean energy

New York State agencies are working to incorporate consideration of climate change into everything they do. There are lots of reasons for you to care about climate change, and ways to make a difference in your own life to decrease your greenhouse gas emissions, and to make your home and family safer and healthier.

When fossil fuels are used to produce electricity, greenhouse gases are released. There are two basic pathways to reduce energy-related emissions – either make the energy without fossil fuels (clean energy), or use less to do the same things (energy efficiency). There are ways to incorporate both into your own life, and they may help make your home more comfortable while lowering your bills.

Try it!

  • Change 5 lightbulbs to ENERGY STAR bulbs (they use about 75% less energy, last more than 10 times longer, and generate 75% less heat than standard bulbs).
  • Make small changes that decrease energy use from heating and cooling, like:
    • opening or closing the blinds (depending on the season!) during the day,
    • installing a programmable thermostat (about 2% of your energy bill can be saved for each degree of change, maintained for at least eight hours), or
    • changing your clothes instead of changing the thermometer.
  • Buy electricity generated by wind, hydro, or solar power.
  • Install solar panels on your roof or property.

Tips -

  • Find energy efficient lightbulbs and other products through U.S. EPA’s ENERGY STAR program, and other tips and tools through U.S. DoE’s Energy Saver site.
  • Find providers of green power that serve your area from U.S. DoE’s Green Power Network and the New York Public Service Commission’s Power to Choose site.
  • Learn about all things solar with NYSERDA’s NY-Sun, find a “Solarize” campaign offered near you, or go to Energy Sage to comparison shop solar providers.

Take the opportunity during Climate Week 2016 (September 19-25) to make one of these easy changes - then post a photo or video of your action to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using hashtags #CW2016 #WhatWillUDo to help inspire and inform others!