Municipal Court Awarded Nearly $50,000 In State Grants

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Municipal Court Awarded Nearly $50,000 In State Grants

Grants Will Be Used To Fund Part-Time Staff For DUI Court And Safe Traffic Program


     The Nevada Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety has awarded two grants to the city of Las Vegas Municipal Court to extend services that promote safety in the community.


     The grants are awarded to help improve traffic safety in Southern Nevada by providing individualized case management services to repeat traffic offenders so that they can learn safe driving habits and resume legal driving.


     The first grant is for $19,500 for DUI Court case management services, and the second is $30,000 to support the Las Vegas Municipal Court’s Safe Traffic Incentives Program.


     With these funds, two part-time positions will be created. One will be a DUI Court Case Manager to provide Spanish-language services.


     The other grant will support a case manager position to work with participants in the Safe Traffic Incentives Program. This program serves individuals, who have three or more driving offenses, to resolve these citations, restoring their ability to drive safely and legally. 


     The grant will support at least 40 individuals in getting their driving privileges restored through an “attitudinal dynamics of driving” class.


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