Temporary Homeless Shelter To Open At Cashman Center

county city joint release

March 28, 2020


Erik Pappa, Director of Public Communications, Clark County, 702-378-8979

David Riggleman, Director of Communications, City of Las Vegas, 702-249-2826


Temporary Homeless Shelter To Open At Cashman Center

                                          County, City, Providers Working Jointly


     Due to the closure of Catholic Charities, the city of Las Vegas, Clark County and area homeless providers are setting up a temporary shelter for the homeless on the upper parking lot of the Cashman Center.  The location will begin tonight and run until April 3.  It is anticipated that the Catholic Charities homeless shelter in the Corridor of Hope will reopen in the meantime.


     This past week the Southern Nevada Health District announced that a homeless man tested positive for the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  As a result, the shelter run by  Catholic Charities closed temporarily.  This meant about 500 individuals would have no overnight shelter.  The county and city worked together to expand the Homeless Courtyard to accommodate the homeless along Foremaster Lane, and will do an additional expansion onto the Cashman site to allow for greater social distancing. 


    The temporary shelter at Cashman will operate from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.  It will be for homeless individuals who are able to walk to the site from the Courtyard.  Those with fragile health or mobility problems will still be accommodated at the Courtyard. 


   “This is an excellent example of the city, county and homeless providers coming together to help slow the spread of COVID-19,” said Ward 5 City Councilman Cedric Crear, who represents the area.  “I want to thank the staff and volunteers who are making this happen during difficult times.”


    The city is reserving the building spaces at Cashman Center for potential hospital overflow should the community require it.


    “We’re proud to be working in collaboration with the City to meet the needs of our homeless population and appreciate the quick response of the participants in standing up the facility so soon,” said Clark County Commissioner Justin Jones.


  “The city wants to make this site available because we know the obligation we have to help ease the overflow at the Homeless Courtyard,” said Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman. 


    “We needed a solution to this problem quickly and I want to thank everyone involved for their hard work so that our homeless population has a place to sleep tonight,” said Commissioner Lawrence Weekly.


    Among those providing assistance are Freeman’s Carpet Service, GES Exposition Services and the Teamsters.  The area homeless providers are also assisting.  Set up of the temporary shelter will begin this afternoon, and be ready for operation tonight.