December 2019 Sustainability Newsletter

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December 2019 Newsletter

First Charge SFCo Admin Bldg


Recognizing that transportation is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions (GHGe), 4 public and two private charging stations were installed in the new County administration building at 100 Catron Street, which was celebrated in a ribbon cutting ceremony on November 12th.  The very first electric vehicle (EV) charge was captured on November 21st!  The County's own EV will be housed at the new building as well. In an effort to address the County's operational side of transportation GHGe, the Board of County Commissioners adopted the Fleet Management Policies and Procedures on November 26, 2019. The policy will, over time, increase the electric vehicle fleet, implement car sharing, eliminate the underutilized vehicles in the County's assets,   reduce idling, and increase safety while saving the County approximately $100,000 annually.  

Stationary Bike Operation


The Fix It Clinic, held at MAKE Santa Fe in the beginning of November, was yet another success thanks to all of our trusty, knowledgeable Fix It coaches and volunteers!  Out of 31 items brought in, 21 were repaired!  This is a 68% success rate and many of the almost-fixed items will certainly be fixed in the next round when participants purchase the needed parts. Stay tuned for the next event in February 2020.  On behalf of the Santa Fe County Sustainability Office, thanks again and again to everyone who participated for leading the way in this incredibly important “can do” cultural shift!

Community Solar


Santa Fe County joins the City of Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Las Cruces in supporting a community solar bill for the 2020 legislative session. Community solar laws will allow every day New Mexicans who rent apartments, who don’t have roof or yard space, or who might lack access to financing, to subscribe to off-site, large-scale solar systems to purchase affordable renewable energy. Urge Governor Lujan Grisham to put community solar on her 2020 legislative call by calling (505-476-2200) and emailing.


WHAT CAN I DO? Action 4- Purchase Green!

In this series, the first month featured understanding our impact through the measurement of carbon footprints, followed by reducing fossil fuel based transportation and in the third month, weatherization.  As the 2019 year comes to a close, the fourth and final action capping the end of the year is the challenge to the one action that perhaps carries the most potential in making a lasting difference exponentially: using the power of your wallet to further promote green practices.  As you consider your choices for purchasing items, services, or activities, heading into 2020, opt to support the planet through giving your business to those who are responsibly caring for the environment in their business practices and products, to include renewable energy access and conservation policies.  Refrigerant coolants make up 8% of the global GHGe.  A perfect example of using your wallet power is through the purchase of a refrigerator that doesn't use HFC's. Every choice makes a difference. 

Save the Date - Upcoming Events

GLOW SF Botanical Garden

GLOW-An Annual Winter Lights Event


Nov. 30-Dec 31, 5-8 pm

SF Botanical Garden, 715 Camino Lejo, Santa Fe

Share lights music and joy with your community.

Southwest Seminars

Mother Earth Father Sky 2019; Famine Foods of the Southwest and Northwest Mexico 

Monday, Dec. 2, 6 pm

Hotel Santa Fe, 1501 Paseo De Peralta, Santa Fe

Presented by Dr. Paul E. Minnis

SF Prep

Community Climate Forum

Saturday, Dec. 9, 5:30-8 pm

Santa Fe Prep, 1101 Camino De Cruz Blanca, Santa Fe

Calling all students, youth, scientists, advocates and residents to Find Your Power.

Sustainability Comments or Questions?

We are your local advisors on all things sustainability in Santa Fe County. Call us about anything from water conservation, cleaner transportation, solar and renewable energy, composting, recycling, etc. Or let us know what you would like to learn more about in our newsletter. 

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