Fins, Feathers and Water for Wildlife - NM Wildlife Monthly Update - April/May 2021



Where do all those fish come from?

The Department hatchery system has come a long way since its humble beginnings at Lisboa Springs. Today, our six hatcheries produce thousands of fish that are stocked each year to provide New Mexico residents and visitors a chance to fish, have a great meal and spend a day outdoors in our beautiful state.

 Learn more here.

Merriams Turkey

Spring Turkey - Hunting Gear

The general spring turkey season starts on April 15 and having a vest stocked with key tools can help greatly. Check out this article to see what tools you should carry in your turkey hunting vest.  


Food and Water: How Much Does Wildlife Need?

We all know that food and water are essential for survival, but as you’ve topped-off that glass or grabbed a snack at home, have you ever wondered just how much liquid and groceries our wildlife needs? Learn more here.

James Dominguez

Meet James Dominguez - #TeamNM GameandFish

Recently, you may have heard about a moss ball, popular in personal aquariums, that contains an invasive mussel. Meet James Dominguez, Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator, who is leading the Department's aquatic invasive species initiatives. 

Learn more about #TeamNMGameandFish member James Dominguez here.


Share with Wildlife seeking proposals 

Annually the Department seeks applications to receive a portion of $50,000 that will be allocated through Share with Wildlife. Through the grant program, the Department supports wildlife projects in four categories: habitat enhancement, biological and ecological research studies, wildlife rehabilitation and wildlife education. Are you ready to submit a proposal? Learn more here.


In this month's issue:
  • Where do all those fish come from?
  • Spring Turkey Hunting Gear
  • Food and Water: How much does wildlife need
  • #NMTeamGame andFish
  • Share with Wildlife Project Proposals




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