The Grey Ghost - NM Wildlife Monthly Update - February 2021



The Grey Ghost

Coues deer are a southwest subspecies of the common Eastern whitetail that was first scientifically described by American Army physician and noted naturalist Dr. Elliot Coues while stationed at Fort Whipple, Ariz. from 1865 to 1866. Although “cows” is the proper pronunciation for this elusive whitetail, it is more commonly called a “cūz” deer. Read more about the grey ghost.

Logan Eshom

Conservation Officers Work to Protect Hunters from Fraud

The conservation officers of New Mexico’s wildlife are the men and women who keep a watchful eye to conserve and protect our state’s wildlife. However, conservation officers also work diligently to protect hunters from the fraudulent practices of those who try to illegally pass themselves off as guides and outfitters to steal money and memories from unsuspecting hunters. Read more on the fraud case. 


It’s Great to Suck at Something

It’s common at the beginning of a new year to set resolutions to better oneself and identify some areas in which our skills might be lacking and identify ways to strive for success. Self-improvement is rarely a bad thing, but a demand for nothing but excellence in your outdoor endeavors could leave you feeling defeated. Instead, consider that being terrible at something can be a very good place to begin anew. Learn more here.


Meet Adan Jacquez - #TeamNM GameandFish

Conservation officers have very diverse jobs. Corporal Adan Jacquez, the Glenwood conservation officer, says, "every day looks a bit different, conservation officers enforce game and fish laws, handle wildlife complaints, introduce conservation and the benefits through classroom and public programs, teach hunter education and assist the wildlife and fisheries divisions with surveys."

Learn more about #TeamNMGameandFish member Adan Jacquez here.

Along for the ride

Along for the ride and enjoying every second of it

A successful hunt should not only be measured with punching your tag; it should also be enjoying the ride and spending time outdoors. Having personal limits and sticking to them will serve as sideboards for your hunt and each opportunity serving as an educational moment. Read about an experience here.

February 2021

In this month's issue:
  • The Grey Ghost
  • Conservation Officers work to Protect Hunters from Fraud
  • Its Great to Suck at Something
  • #NMTeamGame andFish
  • Along for the Ride
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