Principal’s Appreciation Month 

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Principal’s Appreciation Month 

To the Principals of the Old North State,

We wanted to take the time to celebrate you and your dedicated service to the teachers and students of North Carolina. We understand that this is one of the toughest years we have had to endure, and yet you press onward to support your students, faculty, and staff.

We appreciate the passion and resiliency you have and will continue to display as you multiply excellence and growth under your purview. I can attest that Superintendent Catherine Truitt, the NC State Board of Education, and the Department of Public Instruction, supports, values, and stands with you. Your leadership is essential in moving this state forward and assisting each child in their pursuit to become the best version of themself.

Our plan is to honor and celebrate your selfless service every day in the month of October. Please look for the hashtag #NCSupportsOurPrincipals.

We hope you have a great and well-deserved Principal’s Appreciation Month!

One Vision One Voice.

Tabari Wallace
Special Advisor to the State Superintendent
Office of Principal Engagement

To close, we would like to share a few quotes from the North Carolina Principal of the Year Executive Council:

From Matthew Bristow-Smith,
2019 Wells Fargo NC Principal of the Year:
"Over the last two years, principals have lived in "perpetual beta" as we have reinvented our schools over and over in response to the shifting sands beneath our feet. In the midst of the sound and fury of this pandemic, your leadership has been the rock for our schools, our teachers, our families, our children, and our entire state. You have modeled grace under extreme pressure, courage in the face of impossible adversity, and humanity through your commitment to serving others. During Principal Appreciation Month, we honor our school leaders for always showing up and being all in for each and every member of your school family. You personify our state motto of esse quam videri, "to be rather than to seem."

From Kisha Clemons,
2020 Wells Fargo NC Principal of the Year:
“It is a great honor to represent and serve the North Carolina Principals and Assistant Principals.  Seventeen months ago, we couldn’t imagine the magnitude of this pandemic and its impact on teaching and learning and the mental health of the children and adults we serve.  Despite the challenges, our principals have used their superhero powers to do the unimaginable.  You continue to lead your school communities with heart and courage.  We see how you cultivate greatness in your communities, and we are so proud of what you do each and every day.  We stand with you and will continue to elevate your voice. Thank you for being a champion for our students and teachers and for inspiring greatness each and every day.

From Dr. Shirley Prince,
“Principals set the academic tone for their schools and it is their vision, dedication, and determination that provides the mobilizing force for achieving student success. Even when challenges seem insurmountable, our principals do not falter. They continue to pursue solutions and overcome barriers to meet the needs of each student and adult in their sphere of influence.

“For their dedication to excellence in education, we honor and salute them for the great job that they do daily. Not only in October, National Principals Month, but every month of the year.”