March 18, 2021 - Home Base Bulletin

Home Base Bulletin

March 18, 2021

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Maintenance Set for this Weekend


The next Home Base maintenance is scheduled for Friday, March 19. Currently, PowerSchool is the only application now set for maintenance. All other Home Base applications will remain available.


The PowerSchool application will be brought down for one night only, Friday, March 19, at 7 p.m. and returned to service by 2 p.m., Saturday afternoon, March 20.  The application will be made accessible to all users once maintenance is complete.


Note:  Each year, a list of scheduled maintenance windows are published by NCDPI.  This is published in advance to help teachers and administrators better prepare for temporary outages and loss of access.  Please review the 2020-2021 maintenance schedule and put these dates on your calendar. In most cases, the entire window is not necessary and we can return systems to service earlier than listed. If emergency maintenance is required in addition to these scheduled dates, all users will be notified in advance.


Canvas Spotlight: Exciting March Releases


As you may or may not know, on the third Saturday of each month, Canvas releases new features, improvements and enhancements. There are a few coming out this month that are particularly exciting!


First, there’s the webcam submission. Remember how obnoxious it is for students to take a picture of their assignment and then submit it in Canvas? Well after March 20th, no more! Students will be able to access their device’s webcam directly from the submission.

Less Canvas clicks = more heel clicks.


canvas 1


Second, as a teacher you’ve seen countless numbers of assignments that need to be re-submitted. Maybe the student misunderstood the requirements. Maybe they submitted the wrong file. Or maybe they played an April Fool's joke on you and submitted something completely unrelated. Starting March 20, teachers can add a comment in the speedgrader and select “reassign assignment.” This puts the assignment back on the students dashboard so they can see your comments and know they need to re-submit their work.


canvas 2


Lastly, it’s always seemed odd that to begin working on an assignment, students had to click “submit assignment” and then once their work was complete, select “submit assignment” again.


Wait, didn’t we already do that? Well, on March 31, that’s changing! Students will click on “start assignment” and after their work is complete, select “submit assignment.” There we go. That’s accurate.


Be in the know


If you love to be in the know, you might want to follow The Canvas TL;DR blog. This blog is where our community team, product team, and others give the inside scoop on everything they’re working on. There’s even a podcast with the developers where you can hear what’s actually going on with the product team. Join us!


go open
nc zoo

Get WILD about learning on #GoOpenNC with resources from the North Carolina Zoo!


This collection of lesson plans and activities was just updated and is perfect for the warmer weather ahead. Check out the resources and make a plan to explore learning in the classroom or at home!



Be a STAR Educator by Leaving STAR Ratings on #GoOpenNC


We invite YOU to join our Open Education Community of Practice by leaving a comment and/or a star rating on a resource in #GoOpenNC. This valuable information helps educators find the best resources and know how to improve the resources available!


go open

NCEES Unified Talent

NCEES Did You Know?

Did you know NCEES has self-paced professional development about Social Emotional Learning?


Navigate to Professional Development and search for these courses:


#18183 Creating a Professional Culture Based on Social and Emotional Learning

#10977 MTSS Module 2.4: Build a Behavior/Social-Emotional/Attendance Component to An Intervention System for School Teams V 1.19

#1141 Creating a Connected Culture Through Student Engagement & Empowerment: Self Paced

Learn more about NC SEL here: NC Social and Emotional Learning  and here: NC SEL Implementation


ncees 1


Did you know? NCEES has Self-Paced PD on supporting students with disabilities!


Navigate to "Professional Development" and search for these courses:


#16780 EC Process and ECATS Course 2: Initial Referral and Consent for Evaluation

#10753 MTSS Module 3.4 Assessing Readiness and Planning for Implementation

#16788 EC Process and ECATS Course 7: Disciplinary Change in Placement and Manifestation Determination

#845 MTSS Module 3.1: Readiness: System Requirements of Beliefs, Knowledge, Tools, and Skills for SLD Eligibility

#18205 North Carolina Extended Content Standards

#18167 Course 1: Foundations of Specially Designed Instruction within a Multi-Tiered System of Support

#3363 Universal Design for Learning 1: UDL in the Everyday Classroom


ncees 3


Did You Miss NCEES March Webinars?


Click here for a full list of NCEES webinars and recordings. 


Also, Check out our NCEES YouTube Playlist!


Focus 5

Focus Five: Lake Norman Charter School

Focus Five is a new addition to our Home Base Bulletin that highlights five successes PSUs have implemented within their school system to enhance remote learning. 


This week we are featuring Lake Norman Charter School


Selected Tips for Remote Learning


Contributors: Technology Facilitators Marianne Rogowski and Jamie Lord


LNCharter Professional Learning Website


Keeping student engaged while on Zoom

It can be challenging to keep students engaged during synchronous sessions, especially if you can’t see their faces. This tip offers ideas for keeping students engaged and on-task during Zoom meetings.

Lesson Ideas for Asynchronous Learning 

When planning for students who will be learning independently, mixing up content and activities will help keep students engaged. This infographic gives examples and tools for the actions suggested.

Minimizing Grading Time

Check out this storyboard (created using Storyboard That) to learn about a way to minimize graded assignments and grading time without sacrificing quality or student accountability. 

I Didn't Know You Could Do That!

Whether you want to share website links, images, videos, text, or drawings, there are solutions available that make it easier and require less effort on your part. We hope these tips save you some time and energy during the second half of the school year. Click here to access the full document and links.

Jamboard Collaborative Whiteboard

Jamboard is a collaborative whiteboard. If used as group activity, the teacher can see student work in real time.

The website provides examples of how to use Jamboard. Also, here and here are folders filled with tons more Jamboard templates. 

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