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As everyone from around here knows, there is certainly nothing quite as unique as the weather in North Carolina.  Snow and ice falls during sub freezing temperatures one week, then melts in temperatures approaching 65 degrees only a few days later.  Although the temperature fluctuations are nothing new, Mother Nature has been unforgiving this winter by dumping about 30% more rainfall than the average, which has seriously hindered progress on the few construction projects still ongoing from late last year.  However, with spring right around the corner we are keeping our fingers crossed that warmer and drier weather is ahead!  

Several new construction projects are already underway.  The City is also beginning to get contracts in order for several new projects that were included in the 2013 Transportation Bond.   

We hope you enjoy our latest newsletter and please forward to others you feel would be interested in specific projects or would just like to stay in tune with the latest street and sidewalk projects in Raleigh!  If this is your first time reading our newsletter, you may subscribe via MyRaleigh Subscriptions (see link in the left sidebar) to keep up with all of our latest projects and initiatives in the Design/Construction Division. 

Chris Johnson, PE
Design/Construction Manager


Construction Projects


Leesville Road Widening 

Construction of the Leesville Road Widening project is underway! Utility relocations began in late 2013 and the roadway contractor set to break ground in March. 

This project will include the widening of Leesville Road from I-540 to New Leesville Boulvard to a 4-lane median divided roadway.  The project includes bicycle lanes and sidewalk along both sides of the road, landscaping, and new LED street lighting. 

The estimated construction cost is approximately $5.6 million and is fully funded by the City's Capital Improvement Program.  Construction is tentatively scheduled to be completed in Fall 2015.


Sanderford Road Widening

Construction was delayed by the extensive wet winter, but construction is nearing completion along Sanderford Road between Griffin Circle and Elk Park Drive.  This project included road widening, curb and gutter, and sidewalk along the east side of Sanderford Road, as well as resurfacing the existing roadway. 

The awarded cost of construction was approximately $545,000 and was a petition project funded by the City's Capital Improvement Program. 


Oak Forest Drive

The Oak Forest Drive roadway project also experienced delays from the wet weather, but underground utility work is completed and the paving work is set to begin shortly.  This project is located between Fox Road and Triangle Oaks Drive, which was constructed as part of a public/private joint venture project.  This adds the easternmost section of Oak Forest Drive, which is a 2-lane undivided Avenue on the City of Raleigh Proposed Street Plan.  

The new roadway is 41' wide with 5' sidewalks on both sides. A 12" waterline was also  installed as part of the project.  Construction was funded 50% by the City of Raleigh and 50% by The Villages at Town Center, LLC.


Design Projects


Hillsborough Street, Phase 2

The second phase of the Hillsborough Street improvements was approved to begin the design phase of the project by City Council at their June 18, 2013 meeting. 

Hillsborough Street, Phase 2 was funded for design in the 2013 Capital Improvement Program.  With the passing of the recent October $75 million transportation bond, the project is now also funded for right of way acquisition and construction, which will expedite the construction schedule by several years.  The project will improve the usability of the corridor by using a “complete streets” design approach to provide better access for traffic, bicyclists, and pedestrians alike. In the end, this will provide a fully functional multi-modal corridor, improve safety for motorists and pedestrians, and provide a sustainable solution along this important business district and the northwest perimeter of the NC State University campus.

This project will modify Hillsborough Street from the existing configuration of a multi-lane undivided roadway section to a 2-lane divided roadway with raised median from Gardner Street to Rosemary & Shepherd Streets. The project objective is to prepare and implement a streetscape plan to address needed improvements within the street right-of-way including sidewalk repair/replacement, traffic circles, street trees between the curb and sidewalk and overhead utility consolidation/cleanup while promoting Complete Street design standards.  The City is also implementing a public art component into the project.

Be sure to check out the project web page for further details, project schedule, and other information as the project moves forward.  The first public meeting is scheduled later this month.


Buck Jones Road Widening

The design of the Buck Jones Road widening project was approved by City Council at their October 1, 2013 meeting and authorization was given to begin the right of way acquisition phase of the project.  Buck Jones Road will be widened from Farm Gate Road and Xebec Way to a 3-lane undivided Avenue.

The project will include two proposed roundabouts at Farm Gate Road and Bashford Road, as well as a center turn lane for adequate turning traffic storage at the remaining intersections along the project. The widened roadway will include marked bicycle lanes, curbs, gutters, landscaping, and new streetlights. Additionally, sidewalks will be provided on both sides of Buck Jones Road from Farm Gate Road to Xebec Way and transit stops will be upgraded to include marked crosswalks and pedestrian refuge islands at mid-block crossings.

The project is currently in the right of way acquisition phase and is tentatively scheduled to begin construction in late 2014 and is fully funded within the City's Capital Improvement Program. Be sure to check out the  project web page for further details, project schedule, and other information.


Sandy Forks Road Widening

The design of the Sandy Forks Road widening project is underway.  Sandy Forks Road is a 2-lane divided Avenue in the City of Raleigh's Proposed Street Plan.  The project was approved by City Council at the June 18, 2013 meeting and the design is funded in the 2013 Capital Improvement Program.  With the passing of the recent October $75 million transportation bond, the project is now also funded for right of way acquisition and construction, which will expedite the construction schedule by several years.  This project was also recently approved on February 18, 2014 to become the City's first pilot project in the Greenroads program, which is a sustainability rating system for transportation projects.

This project will include the widening and rehabilitation of Sandy Forks Road between Six Forks Road and Falls of Neuse Road, including installation of bike lanes and sidewalks on both sides of the roadway. The project will improve traffic capacity and congestion, pedestrian connectivity, safety, and provide a multi-modal solution between the residential and retail / business districts at each end of the corridor while promoting Complete Street design standards.  The project also includes water quantity/quality measures to reduce impacts of stormwater runoff to adjacent properties along the corridor.

Be sure to check out the project web page for further details, project schedule, and other information as the project moves forward.  The second public meeting is tentatively scheduled for late this month.


Lenoir Street/South Street Two-Way Conversion

The Lenoir Street/South Street Two Way Conversion Project was approved to begin the design phase of the project by City Council at their April 16, 2013 meeting.

Lenoir Street and South Street are two minor thoroughfare roadways in the City of Raleigh's Comprehensive Transportation Plan.  The project was funded in the 2013 Capital Improvement Program and will convert the remaining sections of these two roadways from their existing one-way configuration to two-way traffic.  The project also includes water/sewer replacements, storm drainage, traffic signal upgrades, and improved facilities for pedestrians, bicycles, and transit.  

A public meeting was held on November 4 to receive comments on the 25% design plans.  A second public meeting is tentatively scheduled later this month to go over any changes to the design in response to the 1st public meeting.  Construction is scheduled to begin in Fall 2014.


Meet the Team

Employee Spotlight

The Design/Construction Division consists of 36 employees divided within 5 programs (Roadway, CADD Services, Survey Services, Contract Inspections, and Assessments/Petitions).  Below is a brief background on a few members of our team.


Billy Clevenger

Senior Engineering Inspector

Billy joined the City of Raleigh in 2003 as an Engineering Inspector in the Public Works/Design Construction Department working primarily with privately funded projects. He is currently serving as a Senior Engineering Inspector on public contracts. 

Billy began his career in 1987 at the NCDOT as a survey crew member. He completed the NCDOT Engineering Inspector Training Program and obtained several field related certifications which include inspection of concrete, asphalt, and density testing.  Projects completed during this time include NC147 (Durham), I-85 (Durham) and I-540 (Wake).

Billy’s current position as a Senior Engineering Inspector involves daily inspection and recordkeeping of the Contractors operations to ensure contract specifications are being met. This also includes nearly daily contact with the public being affected by street improvement projects.  Recent projects completed include Leesville Road, Sunnybrook Road and Falls of Neuse Phase II widening.

Billy enjoys spending leisure time with his wife Lisa and their two sons (Travis,24 and Tyler,20). His hobbies include golf, surf fishing and lounging on warm beaches.


Robert L. Percell Jr.

Senior CADD Technician

Robert is a “Senior CADD Technician” with “Design / Construction Division” of Public Works Department. Robert started with the Survey Service section in May 1988 before moving to CADD Service section. He has been with the department for twenty-five years.

Robert has worked with different department Engineers to design and construction various types of public improvement projects including street, sidewalk, stormwater, and parks.  Robert was born and grew up in the City of Raleigh. He graduated from Williams G. Enloe High School (Raleigh, NC). He graduated from Wake Technical Community College (Raleigh, NC) with an Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering.

Robert has been married to his wife, Jacqueline for twenty-four years. Together they have three children: Katrina (college senior), Courtney (eighth grader) and Robert III (sixth grader). Robert is a friendly people person, who enjoys fishing and spending time with his family. He is also a very active church member at Shalom Christian Community Church.


Donetta Powell Assessment Specialist

Donetta has been with the City of Raleigh Public Works Department Design/Construction Division since 2002. Her career began with her working as a Staff Support Specialist. She later advanced to become an Administrative Assistant and has recently been promoted to her current position as an Assessment Specialist.

Throughout the years she has worked with our Capital Improvement Projects, our financial processing and budgeting of both our Capital Improvement Project and Operating budgets.  She has worked with street improvement projects from conception through construction handling and assisting Division staff with correspondence, meetings, project bidding, and project financial oversight.  She has also continued her training by completing Capital Leadership courses.

In her current role, Donetta assists citizens with petitions for street and sidewalk improvements. She works closely with City Council, Departments, and staff to initiate petition projects for design and construction. When projects are completed she is involved with processing assessments for those projects.  She is also currently assisting with updating our Division website information.

In her spare time Donetta enjoys being with family, especially her grandchildren. She loves doing yard work, cooking, cleaning, organizing and shopping. She also loves going to Lake Gaston and Atlantic Beach often and still water skis and snow skis when she gets the chance.