Hillsborough St. Newsletter, September 2016

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September 2016

The Hillsborough Street Renewal

Welcome to the September 2016, edition of the Hillsborough Street Renewal, a monthly e-newsletter keeping businesses and residents along the corridor up to date on construction news.

Project Update

electrical and telecommunication manhole installation image

The underground infrastructure along the south side of Hillsborough Street is the primary focus during this phase of the project. Especially the new underground electrical and telecommunication duct bank network, consisting of duct bank, electrical manholes and large electrical vaults that will underground the majority of Hillsborough Street’s overhead electrical distribution and telecommunication lines. 


Crews have installed the majority of the underground duct bank from Friendly Drive running east towards Brooks Avenue. They are currently working on running the duct bank from Stanhope Avenue running east towards Rosemary Street. Once this section is finished, crews will work to connect the duct bank along the corridor and install three large electrical underground vaults, located at Dan Allen Drive, Rosemary Street, and near the ManMur shopping center on the north side of Hillsborough Street. 

Duct bank image

Once these are installed, Duke Energy Progress will then outfit the vaults with switches, transformers, and other fittings. From that point they and the other private utility companies will run their cables and electrical wires through the new duct bank. We anticipate this work to be complete in February 2017. This work will allow the utility poles to be removed on the south side of Hillsborough Street so the rest of the streetscape work can be completed.

Storm drain work image


Crews are also installing new sanitary sewer mains, water lines and storm drainage along the south side of Hillsborough Street. 

The night crews have installed the new sanitary sewer and storm drainage in and around Friendly Drive. They are now working to install the storm drainage system across the Friendly Drive intersection and are scheduled to run the new watermain across the intersection next week. 


The day crews have installed most of the watermain and sanitary sewer lines from Friendly Drive, running east towards downtown. They are currently working on the storm drainage system at the corner of Concord Street and Hillsborough Street, and next week they are scheduled to connect the new watermain to the existing watermain near Gardner Street. 


Road Closures

night work image

September has seen some nighttime road closures. Road closures are needed while Duke Energy Progress installs new transmission poles along the north side of Hillsborough Street and as crews install new underground infrastructure that crosses Hillsborough Street in different locations. Because of the amount of traffic on Hillsborough Street, this work is only allowed during nighttime hours when there is less traffic. However, local traffic is still allowed along the street and businesses are still open. In areas where the actual work is taking place, flaggers are on hand to direct local traffic to their destinations. So, please feel free to frequent your favorite Hillsborough Street businesses.

Coffee Talks

Image from Sept. Coffee Talk, Richard Dickie

This month’s Coffee Talk was once again at Cup A Joe. While not too many people were present, we enjoyed the opportunity to talk with the few that did attend. Richard was able to address some of the concerns the business owners had, and some good conversations were had. We hope that in the future, more business owners and residents will take the opportunity to attend our monthly Coffee Talk. The next Coffee Talk is on Tuesday, October 11, the location will be posted later this month on our website.

Follow the Project:


The Hillsborough Street Website is a great place to get information regarding the project, be it the construction schedule or just an update on the projects progress. Now that we are a few months into the project, we have found that a few minor changes need to be made to our communications.


Construction image


The project schedule will now run from Saturday through Friday. This change allows us to gather the latest information about the coming week’s schedule during our weekly construction progress meeting. As with any construction project, schedules can change quite regularly. We try to keep the schedule updated as these changes occur, and it is recommended to check the schedule a couple of times during the week.


Our weekly project updates and news posting have changed from being posted at least every Monday to being updated at least every Thursdays. Making project updates on Thursdays allows us to pass on current information gathered during our weekly construction progress meetings.


Another good way to keep up to date on the project is to follow the Hillsborough Street Renewal Project on social media.

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The City has a Hillsborough Street Renewal Facebook page that we regularly update with project information, street closures, and construction pictures. Engineering Services, Design and Construction Division also has a Twitter account @RaleighESDC which posts information about City of Raleigh roadway and sidewalk projects including the Hillsborough Street Project. Lastly, the monthly e-newsletter, which will be published the third Monday each month. You can sign up to receive the e-newsletter on the Hillsborough Street Renewal Website

Visit the website for weekly updates.

Until next month, stay safe in the work zone!