Building Valuation Data Table Updated Effective Oct. 1

A Message From Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement's Building Valuation Data table has been updated effective October 1.

The Building Valuation Data table is used to estimate construction costs for permit issuance. It serves as the guide to help customers estimate the value of the construction for which they are seeking a permit, based on occupancy and construction type.

This table is typically updated every three years in consultation with the Building Development Commission, but Code Enforcement agreed to delay that update a year to keep permit fees as low as possible for our customers. The current changes have been reviewed and approved by the BDC.

The changes to permit fees will depend on the type and square footage of the project.

"Each time we update the building valuation table, we know that likely means an adjustment in permit fees, due simply to the rising cost of construction," said Code Enforcement Director Patrick Granson. "That's why we waited a year to do this revaluation. Because we value our customers, we kept the increase as small as possible. We're also enthusiastic about the enhanced services this will allow us to bring our customers, like our new customer portal through Accela."

Customers don't need to take any new action. The changes have been built into our customer portal software. The updated Building Valuation Data table is also available on our website.

If you have questions about the pending changes to the Building Valuation Data table or how to estimate permit fees, please contact our Code Information Resource Center (CIRC) at 980-314-CODE, press 2, then 1, then 1 again, then 3.

Thank you for being our valued customer.