Code Monthly, June 2019: Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement's Monthly Newsletter

Code Monthly June 2019

Get Ready for the NEW July 1!

For many months now, a group of Code Enforcement staff have been working on something we're delighted to share with our customers...our main website,, is getting a long-awaited overhaul!

The look will stay the same as all Mecklenburg County websites, but we've eliminated content that isn't being used, updated our graphics and supporting materials, and reorganized our content to make it easier to navigate and find the information you need!

What's New?

  • You'll find our latest news at the bottom of our home page, so it's easier to stay updated. Interested in attending a meeting? There's a calendar feature near the bottom of the home page, too!
  • There's a page for customers to quickly access our plan review and permitting & inspections portals. Those won't change just yet, but there are some exciting updates in store for our customer portals as well!
  • Whether you're interested in obtaining a permit, exploring your best options for plan review, or trying to find information about inspections, you'll find all your options in one place now. You can now learn about all our permits on our permitting page, all our plan review options on the new plan review page, and all inspections options on the inspections page. We believe our customers will benefit greatly from having this information reorganized.
  • Our Public Records section has been reorganized to help customers find what they need -- including a Statistics page that breaks down all of the statistical reports customers can access for their own research.
  • Information about consistency, code interpretations and appeals has been completely reorganized. We've completely redesigned the code interpretation libraries to be much easier to search and navigate. 

What's Staying?

  • Our customer toolboxes (architects/engineers, contractors, homeowners, owners/developers) aren't going anywhere. We've organized them to make it easier to locate the information you need.
  • Our forms page and publications page will still be there for customers who prefer to use this option.
  • Remember, this change will not impact our Electronic Plans Management portal (EPM) or our permitting and inspections portal (POSSE/the customer dashboards). 

What's Next?

  • The new site will go live July 1st. Please take a moment and get to know the new
  • Please reset your bookmarks on or after July 1.
  • Having trouble finding something? Call our Customer Service Center at 980-314-CODE...we're here to help!