Wednesday Update for Our Customers

A Message From Code Enforcement

Wednesday Update for Our Customers

Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement would like to share the following update on the efforts our staff is undertaking to help our customers in the wake of Mecklenburg County's computer system outage. 

As of the afternoon of Wednesday, Dec. 13th:

Mecklenburg County IT continued today with the process of testing our exciting next step in bringing our systems back online. If you happen to visit some of your bookmarks during this time, if may appear as if the system is back online. This is not the case. Our IT staff is testing. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LOG IN TO POSSE WINCHESTER, EPM OR OUR OTHER APPLICATIONS. There is a risk you will lose work. Please continue to use the temporary processes outlined below until you hear from us that it is safe to log into our applications and begin working again.

Temporary Permitting Process

We are continuing with a limited paper permitting process, and have resumed limited plan review using paper plans. 

  • Our primary focus is emergency/urgent projects. 
  • Permitting and plan review under this temporary process will require an in-person visit to our office and customers will need to bring multiple copies of paper plans and other paperwork. 
  • We strongly urge you to call our office and talk with our plan review staff about what documents you will need to bring with you. This will help to minimize any delays when you arrive at the office. 
    Commercial customers should call 980-314-CODE and follow the prompts to speak with someone in the Commercial Technical Assistance Center (CTAC). 
    - Residential customers should call 980-314-CODE and follow the prompts to speak with someone from the Residential Technical Assistance Center (RTAC).
  • We cannot accept plans from FedEx or other carriers. Please call our office to discuss options.

Temporary Inspections Process

Inspections are being performed, but scheduled and managed manually.

  • Residential inspectors will be in the office and available via phone from 7:30-9 a.m. each weekday. After that, they will be performing inspections in the field and may not be able to take your call or return your message immediately. Calls placed after 9 a.m. will be returned no later than 9 a.m. the next business day. 
  • Commercial inspectors will check messages and return calls throughout the workday.
  • Please call your inspections in as early as possible to facilitate faster scheduling.
  • If you are seeking a TCO, please do not call if you are more than two business days from your deadline. Discuss the proper timing with your inspector.

    Who to Call for Help

    • For temporary permits or plan review (for urgent projects): 980-314-CODE, and speak to someone in the Residential Technical Assistance Center or Commercial Technical Assistance Center.
    • Permitting and plan review questions for projects already under way: Please contact your plans facilitator via phone or e-mail.
    • Inspections: Please contact your inspector directly to schedule an inspection.
    • Urgent Needs: If you are facing an urgent situation, such as the need to have an inspection so power can be restored to a home, or have deadlines such as closing on a home purchase,  please contact your inspector, or the manager listed on the bottom of your permit.
    • General Inquiries: Please contact our Customer Service Center at 980-314-CODE.

    If you need to look up the contact information for a member of our staff, please use our online staff directory.

    We are committed to helping resolve each problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.

    We will continue to update you, our valued customers, as we have more to report.