Code Monthly, August 2017: Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement's Customer Newsletter

Code Monthly August 2017

Demo Permit Process Moving Online

Code Enforcement is pleased to bring an exciting new development to our customers. Beginning in September, residential and commercial demolition permits will be available online! This will replace one of our last paper processes, meaning customers no longer have to print out and complete paper forms and fax or bring them to our offices. The entire process can be completed online, as with any of our building permits.

To begin this process, contractors can simply login to their online customer accounts (also known as POSSE). Homeowners who are serving as their own demolition contractor can also use this method to apply for a demolition permit.

  • Once logged in, begin the online process for a building permit (residential or commercial).
  • Under type of work, select "Demolish/Move Off." The screen will be similar to the image below.
Demo Permit Screencap

From there, the system will ask the customer to answer a series of questions about the scope of work. Residential projects will also be required to complete a NESHAP questionnaire for Mecklenburg County Air Quality. Customers can complete that questionnaire online as well. For commercial customers, the requirement is that a NESHAP notification be completed. The system will ask customers if that has been completed during the permit application process (as shown above).

Customers may also be required to upload forms for other agencies, like municipal zoning authorities or the Mecklenburg County Health Department. Links will be provided to these documents within the system if they are required. 

Once your online application has been completed, it will be processed and issued like any other building permit.

Until January 1, 2018, customers can continue to print and bring or fax the PDF forms available on instead of using the online system, if they prefer. Beginning January 1, however, there will be a $9.50 processing fee to continue to use the manual form submittal process for demolition permits.

This enhancement makes the demolition permit application process more convenient and efficient for our customers. If you have questions about the new process, please contact the Residential Technical Assistance Center or Commercial Technical Assistance Center at 980-314-CODE. 

Minor Changes for Online Dock/Pier Permit Process