REMINDER: Important Info About CD/Permit/Placard Packages

A Message From Code Enforcement

REMINDER: Our new automated stamping and permit placard process eliminates the need to pick up contractor packages. Customers who still wish to pick up CD/permit/placard packages at our offices will be charged a $15 fee beginning Jan. 1.


We are pleased to our customers are making use of  an exciting new feature involving stamped, approved drawings and permit placards. The new feature saves our customers time and effort.

Our customers have long been required to have a set of digital or paper drawings on-site that have been stamped and approved by Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement. Until recently, those stamped, approved drawings have been burned to a CD by our staff at the end of plan review, and that CD, along with a permit and placard, are made available for pickup at our offices. The customer can then choose to print the drawings or make a digital copy available on-site.

Effective Oct. 1, our online plan review software, EPM, began automatically adding stamps to the approved plans when the overall plan review is closed. What this means for our customers is that they can download the stamped approved plans, along with the permit and placard, from EPM, and print or make a digital copy available on-site. Customers will no longer be required to come to the office for CD/permit/placard packages.

Important: Currently, we are only able to make this feature available in EPM. It is not available in POSSE/the contractor login. That means the project manager who submitted the project in EPM is the person who will need to download the stamped drawings and share them with the contractor and any other party. The contractor will be able to download the permit and placard from their POSSE/online contractor login once the permit has been issued, but the stamped approved drawings must be obtained from the project manager who submitted the plans for review.

This option is available now, but we will continue to provide the CD/permit/placard package through Dec. 31, 2016. Beginning Jan. 1, 2017, CD/permit/placard packages may still be picked up at our offices, but they will need to be requested at the time of permit submittal – there will be a special checkbox on the building permit application – and a $15 fee will be applied to the permit fee.

 If you have questions, please contact your coordinator.

Thank you for being our valued customer.