Introducing the Residential Inspections Team!

A Message From Code Enforcement

Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement is about to implement the second phase of re-aligning its inspections teams from geographically-based teams to teams organized by project type.  In Phase I, implemented a year ago, we created a Mega/Multi-Family Inspections Team to focus on large commercial and specialized multi-family projects which incorporate podiums for parking and/or mixed-use occupancies or multi-family projects that wrap parking structures. 

In Phase II, we will deploy two additional teams that will focus on residential projects or commercial projects not assigned to the Mega/Multi-Family team. This new team structure more closely reflects the industry specialties we serve.  The result: Better service for our customers through inspectors with deeper trade and project expertise.

Why move to project-type inspection teams?

The building codes related to residential and commercial construction are becoming more and more specialized for the project types they support -- and different from each other.  Our re-alignment will allow our inspectors to focus on the codes that support their project types, instead of organizing by geographic area.  

The North Carolina Department of Insurance (NCDOI) is also aligned in this manner.  We work closely with NCDOI and the re-alignment will facilitate more focused interaction. 

How will this help our customers?

We are pleased this change will bring the following benefits to our residential customers:

  • Inspectors who have construction experience in the residential construction trades.  We have assigned our inspectors to the Residential Team based on both their construction and code enforcement experience.  Therefore, your inspector with have direct knowledge of the challenges and opportunities your face on a daily basis.
  • Each inspector is certified in two trades.   Our team members will cover both building and plumbing or both electrical and mechanical trades.  Therefore, you have fewer inspectors to communicate with and it will facilitate increased consistency across trades.  Contractors can potentially request inspections for two trades concurrently which could reduce project schedules. 
  • Teams are focused on a specific customer base and its particular service demands.
  • This overhaul better aligns the inspection teams with the plan review teams to increase communication and hand-off of projects.
  • This overhaul better aligns with the departmental structure of NCDOI, which will foster closer working relationships with our counterparts in Raleigh.  Currently, DOI has chief code consultants in both the residential and commercial areas of the building code. Our field managers will work with their corresponding plan review manager and both will work closely with the same chief code consultant.
  • We anticipate improved consistency between inspectors and within the department by having teams comprised of inspectors that specialize in one area of the code.
  • Here's a rundown on the criteria for projects handled by the three new inspections teams:
    - Residential Team: New construction/remodels/additions for single-family, two-family or townhomes three stories or fewer; small project multi-trade additions, remodels, accessory buildings and structures (specialty group, single inspector covering all four trades, projects under $40,000 construction cost)
    - Commercial Team: Assembly 99,999 sq. ft. or less, commercial 299,999 sq. ft. or less, all existing CMS schools including additions and remodels, all charter and private schools, institutional 49,999 sq. ft. or less, mixed use 199,999 sq. ft. or less, residential four stories or less.
    - Mega-Multifamily Team: Assembly 100,000 sq. ft. or greater, commercial 300,000 sq. ft. or greater, new/complete replacement educational projects for CMS, institutional 50,000 sq. ft. or greater, mixed use 200,000 sq. ft. or greater, residential 5 stories or more, or podium/wrap structure (Section 509), hospitals (including upfits), high-rises (including upfits)

We are confident that this realignment will be a benefit to the residential construction industry in Mecklenburg County and are committed to providing efficient and timely customer service to all our customers. More information about the Residential Inspections Team will be available by the end of June on

Thank you for being our valued customer. We look forward to serving you even better through our new inspections teams.