Ward 8 News Update January 9, 2013

News of the 8th Ward

January 9, 2013

Request for Nominations! Ward 8 Community Leader Awards

On Friday, January 25, 2013 Elizabeth will present the Annual Eighth Ward  Community Leader Awards We are currently seeking nominations from you in these categories:

*Outstanding Individual Community Leader

*Outstanding Project

*Outstanding Business or Organization

*Outstanding Youth Leader(s), intended to recognize youth and young adults for their leadership and community contributions (also known as the Stephanie Ball-Bailey Youth Leadership Award)

Please send nominations (in 150 words or less) for any category to elizabeth.glidden@minneapolismn.gov or Council Member Elizabeth Glidden, 350 South Fifth Street, Room 307, Minneapolis, MN 55415. 

The awards will be presented at Early Mornings with Elizabeth on January 25, 2013, from 7:30 - 9 am at Turtle Bread, 4762 Chicago Ave.  Be sure to mark your calendars for this fun filled event where great neighbors are thanked for their community work!  


Elizabeth Glidden

Elizabeth Glidden


City Elections in 2013

This year city offices, including Mayor and all City Council seats, Park Board Commissioners, and Board of Estimate and Taxation members are up for election.  As Minneapolis uses Ranked Choice Voting, the General Election is November 5, 2015 and there is NO primary election.

As redistricting has changed some Ward boundaries, a common question is “who represents me?” City Council Members elected in 2009 (so – all of the current City Council Members including Ward 8 Council Member Elizabeth Glidden!) continue to represent the Wards from which they were elected through 2013.  New ward boundaries take effect in January 2014, after the 2013 city elections.

For questions about elections, including maps showing new ward boundaries, go to www.minneapolismn.gov/elections.


Rental Housing: Helping Landlords Provide Quality Housing


There are over 20,000 rental properties in the City of Minneapolis.  While the large majority of these properties are well maintained and managed, providing quality living experiences for tenants and neighbors, some landlords struggle to comply with City laws and rules.

In an effort to continue to focus Minneapolis rental housing inspections resources on challenged rental properties, Councilmember Elizabeth Glidden directed city staff in December 2012 to evaluate changes that will help with this focus.

First, rental inspections staff is evaluating use of conditions in the Rental Housing Context (unique requirements for rental properties that have had issues at their buildings, including special timelines and penalties for cleaning up properties, for managing the properties, for making repairs, for instance).  As well, Councilmember Glidden has asked for a report on how city staff respond and use city ordinances when there are crimes committed at rental properties (or other issues indicating the building is not managed properly). This report will include city recommendations for improved performance in how the city addresses these problems.

The full text of the directions to staff on rental property management issues can be found here: http://www.minneapolismn.gov/meetings/ree/WCMS1P-099307 (go to agenda item # 10). 


Minneapolis Works to Prevent Sex Trafficking

Sex Trafficking of youth (a term used interchangeably with prostitution) has been identified as a high priority issues for Minneapolis and the State of Minnesota.  The Twin Cities have been identified by some sources as a metropolitan area with the 13th highest incidence of sex trafficking in the United States.

In Minneapolis, this work is led from the Child Abuse Investigation Unit.  The MPD was the first police department in the State to dedicate an investigator, Sgt Grant Snyder, to working full-time to investigate juvenile prostitution or sex trafficking.  Chief Harteau has announced her approval of a plan to add an another investigator to work on juvenile sex trafficking, plus moving two investigators that today investigate runaway youth cases to work out of the child abuse unit. 

Most recently, a large coalition of public safety partners and community partners, spearheaded by the City of Minneapolis, offered a training to hotel workers on how to recognize and report sex trafficking.  The simple message from the training was “if you see something, say something.”  Similar to the hotel workers, neighbors should act on their instincts and call 911 if they see unusual behavior at properties on their block.  Witnessing young girls and older men going in and out of properties, as well as many cars or other unusual behavior, deserve a call to 911 or to your Crime Prevention Specialist. 

Council Member Elizabeth Glidden has helped lead a city work group developing a plan for ending sex trafficking and how to best use all city resources to do so.  Minneapolis Public Schools is an active partner in this work.  Please look for more to come on this important issue! 


Inner City Tennis: Free Saturdays


Did you know that you can have your kids participate in FREE tennis programs on Saturdays?  Inner City Tennis, located at Martin Luther King Park (40th & Nicollet – the tennis bubble) offers free programs every Saturday through April 13, with programs for the youngest kids starting at 3 pm.  No pre-registration required.  Visit www.innercitytennis.org for more details.


Sign Up for STEP-UP Internships - NOW!


Even though summer might feel a long way off, 2013 summer internship deadlines are coming up fast. The City’s STEP-UP summer internship program prepares youth for future employment by offering summer work experience and training at Minneapolis businesses.

Applying for an internship

Minneapolis youth ages 14 to 21 can apply for a summer internship with STEP-UP until March 4, 2013. This year, all applications must be completed online. If you need assistance with your application, call 612-673-5041 or visit the STEP-UP page for agencies that offer staff and/or computer assistance.

You can fill out an application HERE.  Youth applicants (and employers!) can find out more – and apply – at www.achievempls.org.

What is the impact of STEP-UP? Since 2004, STEP-UP has created more than 14,000 employment opportunities for Minneapolis youth in the private, public and nonprofit sectors.  More than 50% of STEP-UP interns are from immigrant families; 86% are people of color; 93% are from families that live in poverty.

Internships are generally 20-40 hours per week for 6-10 weeks from mid-June to August.