Safety Tips & Important Information

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The Minneapolis Police Department recognizes a pattern of protest tactics that are occuring across the country.  One of the tactics is to try to take control of local police precincts.  MPD is aware and has security plans in place, and a modified plan was utilized at the 5th Precinct on Friday night.


We have no intelligence at this time of any residential targets.  Groups have been targeting commercial locales.


MNDOT (MN Dept. of Transportation) closures for I-35W, I-35E, I-94, and I-394 & Highway 55 began at 7pm this evening as well.


We do encourage people take steps to reduce the attractiveness of your property to persons with criminal intent. 


Please consider the following:

  • Be off the streets - the curfew went into effect at 8:00p.m. local time
  • Do not confront anyone
  • Be aware of suspicious activities
  • Be aware of large gathering groups
  • Call or text (if unable to safely call) 911 if you are witnessing criminal suspicious activity
  • Remove potential flammable and/or projectile items from outside
  • Store dumpsters in a garage or move to hidden area in back yard - consider wetting down the contents if they have to be left outside in view
  • Keep LIGHTS ON - check your flood and door lights
  • Pinned windows, that limit access, should remain closed or pinned (if you're listening to outside activity)
  • Have garden hoses ready and untangled for possible use - proactively use water to wet wood fences and surfaces
  • If you have a Little Library, empty it
  • If you have a fire extinguisher, have it ready
  • Watch Channel 11 or 4 for current information
  • Have an Emergency Plan - safe routes out, specify a meet location, communication (if possible, use social media or apps to reduce phone network congestion), also visit about preparedness
  • Ensure the plan is communicated and clear for those with you - consider accessibility needs of those with you and plan for pets
  • Prepare a Go Bag (including, but not limited to, necessary medications)
  • If you need to be outside wear a headlamp, bright colors and reflective clothing
  • Charge mobile phones and have extra batteries or chargers in your Go Bag for these and flashlights
  • Have alternative ways to communicate with your neighbors and help them to make a plan if becomes necessary
  • Stay connected and check on each other!