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Council members respond to U.S. Supreme Court decision on census citizenship question


The Minneapolis City Council responded to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision that blocks the inclusion of a citizenship question to the 2020 census. While the decision lessens the likelihood that a citizenship question will appear on the 2020 census, the matter remains unsettled and there’s still the possibility the question could eventually make it onto next year’s census questionnaire. 

“I am glad that the Supreme Court agreed to keep a question aimed at discouraging census participation off of the list of questions,” said Council President Lisa Bender. “The court’s decision will support the U.S. Census Bureau’s responsibility to count everyone, but cities like Minneapolis still have to work hard to make sure everyone in our community is counted.”

“We are very pleased with the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court to not allow the citizenship question and the rejection of the Commerce Department’s assertion that its reason for adding the question in the first place was to protect voting rights” said Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins. “The impact of this decision will hopefully help ensure adherence to the truest intent of the census – the most accurate count possible. We know this decision potentially fosters increased participation in the 2020 census and leads to increased representation for our communities at every level of government. This is the bedrock of our democracy. We count, we matter.”

Jenkins added, “on the same morning as we welcome this decision, the U.S. Supreme Court has decided against limitations for gerrymandering, or drawing district lines that benefit the ruling party. We are deeply disappointed in the Supreme Court’s upholding of this undemocratic principle, which historically suppresses political representation in our communities of color and immigrant communities at every level of government. We must get engaged in this redistricting process to ensure fair representation in all communities.”

The census ruling means the Commerce Department can’t now put the question on the census, but it can defer the questionnaire printing date and submit a reasonable and legally permissible explanation for including the citizenship status question to the lower court. The Commerce Department had previously indicated printing the 2020 census questionnaire could be delayed from July 1 to as late as Oct. 31.

Data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau does more than decide our representation in the Legislature and in Congress, it also influences decisions made about federal funds that go to local communities for infrastructure, housing, transportation, schools, health insurance and other vital resources.

The City of Minneapolis is a welcoming city that believes we all contribute to the success of our city and we all deserve to be counted. We will remain diligent in our efforts to ensure a fair, complete and accurate 2020 census count.

35W@94 Downtown to Crosstown Updates


Reminder: I-35W and Lake St. weekend closure scheduled June 28-July 1

Beginning at 10 p.m. on Friday, June 28, I-35W will be closed in both directions between I-94 and Highway 62. I-35W will be open by 5 a.m. Mon, July 1. The detour route includes Hwy 62, Hwy 100 and I-394. The ramps to and from I-35W will begin to close at 9 p.m. Fri, June 28.

MnDOT crews will also demolish the I-35W bridge over Lake St. during the weekend closure. To do this safely, Lake St. will be closed between 1st Ave. S and 2nd Ave. S from 10 p.m. Fri, June 28 through 5 a.m. Mon, July 1. Drivers should follow the posted detour routes.

Southbound I-35W to 46th St. ramp reopens July 1

We’re happy to announce the reopening of the SB I-35W to 46th St. ramp, which has been closed since June 10. When the ramp reopens at 6 a.m. Mon, July 1, drivers who plan to exit at 46th St. will need to move into the right lane at 31st St.

Though there will still need some occasional short-term closures of this ramp through fall 2020.

Northbound I-35W to 5th Ave., 11th St./Grant St. overnight closures July 1-2

As crews continue to install the steel bridge deck beams on the new flyover bridge from NB I-35W to WB I-94, two overnight closures of the access from NB I-35W into downtown are needed. The access from NB I-35W to 11th St./Grant St. in downtown will be closed from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Mon, July 1 and Tue, July 2.

*All closures are weather permitting and subject to change. 

Re-striping of Park and Portland Avenue 

Work has begun on the re-striping of Park and Portland Ave and will be completed soon dependent on the weather. Watch for parking restrictions and lane closures between 18th and 29th Streets.

Stay connected

For real-time travel information anywhere in Minnesota visit http://www.511mn.org/ or dial 5-1-1.

Polling Place Spotlight: Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Recreation Park


Utilized for decades in Ward 8 as a location for voting, MLK Park is currently a double polling place: both Ward 8-Precinct 6 and Ward 8-Precinct 7 vote at the park building. This site is one of over thirty Minneapolis Park Board locations that provide space for voting each election—a relationship for which Elections & Voter Services is very thankful as park buildings comprise approximately one-fourth of polls in the city.

The 8-6 and 8-7 precincts are somewhat unique as both precincts combined neatly form the entire Kingfield Neighborhood. MLK Park lies on the eastern edge of the neighborhood, but it’s conveniently central for voters in the two precincts.

The Kingfield Neighborhood Association is an exceptional partner in promoting each election, distributing custom neighborhood signs promoting voting and the polling location in advance of election day. They also have been known to provide welcome coffee and treats to visiting voters at a table they position outside of the polling place buffer zone! Thanks MLK Park and Kingfield!

Notice of I-35W Drainage Improvement Project beginning in August 2019


The Minnesota Department of Transportation, with federal highway officials, is working to reduce flooding after heavy rain on Interstate 35W near 42nd Street in Minneapolis.

Heavy rains in 1997, 1999, 2004 and 2010 caused flash floods making the freeway unsafe and impassable until the water drained. MnDOT will build storm water tanks that store rainwater and reduce flooding risk on the freeway.  The added drainage is part of improvements to I-35W between 43rd Street and Interstate 94.

Crews will build a retaining wall near Second Avenue in August of 2019. The concrete tanks will be built in 2020-22 east of northbound I-35W on state property between 42nd Street and 40th Street in Minneapolis.


  • Overnight lane closures on northbound I-35W
  • Construction noise and lighting near the work zone
  • Southbound lane closure of Second Avenue at 40th and 41st Streets in 2019
  • Trucks hauling 24-hours a day in 2020

 The storm water storage tank will:

  • Reduce the flood frequency on I-35W
  • Improves safety and driving conditions by reducing flooding on I-35W
  • Reduce driving delays
  • Reduce need for detours, travel delays and reduces traffic through neighborhoods

For more project information and traffic updates visit their web page.

Be safe with fireworks, keep 911 open for emergencies


Fourth of July fireworks are part of Independence Day celebrations, and the noise complaints and safety issues they can generate lead to high call volumes at 911 call centers across the country. That’s why the City wants to make sure folks stay safe during fireworks season and know what to do if they have fireworks-related complaints.

Fireworks safety

  • Read, understand and follow the instructions on each device prior to using.
  • Use fireworks with close adult supervision.
  • Choose a safe place to use fireworks. Fireworks should only be ignited outdoors and away from animals, buildings, storage tanks, brush or combustible materials.
  • Anyone acting in an irresponsible manner or who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs should not handle or discharge fireworks.
  • Keep fireworks away from small children and store them in a cool dry location away from sources of ignition (heat and flames).
  • Never ignite fireworks inside another container, such as inside a bottle or can.

What’s legal, what’s not

  • Non-explosive fireworks are legal in Minneapolis. Examples include sparklers, cones, tubes that spark, snakes and party poppers.
  • It is legal to use these types of fireworks in your yard or on your sidewalk.
  • Fireworks that explode or take off are illegal in Minneapolis. Examples include firecrackers, bottle rockets, missiles, roman candles, mortars and shells.
  • It is illegal to use any fireworks on public property including roads, alleys, schools and parks.

When to call 911

For fireworks-related issues that pose imminent life safety threats or fire hazards, residents should call 911, and emergency police, fire or medical help will be dispatched. 

Examples of calls that should go to 911 include: 

  • A person injured by fireworks.
  • Airborne fireworks appear to have started a fire. 
  • The group size or behavior of a fireworks gathering threatens others.

Make noise and illegal fireworks use reports online

Reducing the number of noise and illegal fireworks complaints to 911 will allow emergency calls to be answered as quickly as possible. On a typical Fourth of July evening, Minneapolis 911 receives hundreds of calls per hour, most of which are related to illegal fireworks and noise complaints. On a normal day, Minneapolis 911 will receive fewer than 100 calls per hour. Because of the volume, police officers cannot be dispatched to each illegal fireworks and noise incident around the Fourth of July, calls for immediate emergency life safety assistance must be prioritized to ensure public safety.

Instead of calling 911 for Fourth of July fireworks or noise reports, people are asked to make reports online; the reports will be reviewed during normal business hours. Fireworks and noise reports may also be made through the 311 mobile app or by calling 311. You can also text “fireworks” to 311898 to enter a fireworks complaint on the City’s website.

Residents should note that Minneapolis 311 is closed July 4, but the mobile application can be used any time to make a report. City staff will review the complaint during normal business hours when offices open again and may follow up with the property owner the complaint references.

Save the Date: Friday, July 19th Afternoons with Andrea: Celebrating Black Business Week! from 12 pm to 1:30 pm, location to be determined soon

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