Ward 8 Update - Aug. 17, 2018

CM Andrea Jenkins



Office Hours: Monday 9-11 a.m.

Sabathani Community Ctr, 310 E. 38th St.

Mayor Frey outlines proposed 2019 City budget


Mayor Jacob Frey has presented his recommended 2019 City budget to City leaders – a budget that includes a significant increase in funding for affordable housing programs.

The City Council will begin reviewing the recommended $1.55 billion budget, hold a series of budget presentations in September and October, and vote on adopting a budget Dec. 5. The Board of Estimate and Taxation is scheduled to hold a public hearing to set the maximum property tax levy at 5:05 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 12.

The recommended budget includes a 5.63 percent tax levy increase. The City’s revenues come from a variety of sources with property taxes accounting for about 23 percent of the budget. The City’s tax base has increased by more than 10 percent between 2018 and 2019 and the proposed levy increase is less than 6 percent, resulting in the overall tax rate going down.

A few highlights of the mayor’s proposed budget include:

Visit the City’s budget website to review the 2019 recommended budget, learn about key dates in the approval process and watch a video about how you can provide feedback on the proposed budget.

Communities United for the E 38th St. Bridge Reopening Celebration Last Night


Dear neighbors,

Thank you for participating in a wonderful event last night to celebrate the reopening of the East 38th Street Bridge!  I am filled with joy at the turnout of members of the community who came to enjoy dinner on the bridge and engage in meaningful conversation with neighbors, many of whom they were meeting for the first time.

I want to send a heart-felt thank you to the planning team and volunteers who helped coordinate and make this cross-community event possible.  Thank you to our co-hosts and sponsors, including: Bryant Neighborhood Organization (BNO), Center for Performing Arts, Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization (CANDO), Eat for EquityHmong American Farmers Association (HAFA)Kente Circle, Kingfield Neighborhood Association (KFNA), Litin Eco, Lyndale Neighborhood Association (LNA), Marnita’s Table, Minnesota Department of Transportation, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder News, Sabathani Community Center, Seward Community Co-op Friendship Store, Southside Community Health Services, Xcel Energy.

This event marks a process to reinvigorate East 38th Street, and I’m proud to help lead this effort at the City on behalf of the Eighth Ward.  Thank you, also, to Ward 8 Staff Sara Lopez and Deebaa Sirdar for their tremendous help in organizing this special event and celebration.  Read more about the event here.


    Airplane Noise

    In recent weeks air traffic has been more noticeable over certain neighborhoods.  That may be because we have been very heavily in a south flow for much of the summer. In a south flow, Minneapolis residents are affected by the arriving airplanes and the departures go over Eagan and Mendota Heights.  This high use of a south flow was the result of winds predominantly coming out of the south / southwest; planes need to take off into the wind.  The use of a south flow was extremely high, even for the summer months, which was welcome for those affected by departure noise but not good for people most affected by arrival traffic.  As those southerly winds have died down, the north flow is back in the mix at times with departures over us.  The City asks the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Control Tower to do their best to balance the use of a north and south flow.  Neither the City nor the airport has direct control over this, so we depend on the voluntary efforts of the Control Tower.  

    The summer months are a difficult time for airplane noise.  Summer is the busiest time of year so there are more planes and departure altitudes are lower when the air temperature is higher.  The airport’s Noise Oversight Committee (NOC) has studied departure profiles to see if a change would help reduce noise.  One profile uses most of the plane’s energy to climb and gain altitude while the other profile uses the energy to move forward and away from the airport.  When these two were compared it didn’t really make much difference for Minneapolis residents because we are simply too close to the airport.  In fact, there is concern that for people very close to the airport, using energy towards climbing instead of going away from the airport just means a longer duration of loud noise. We are told that the difference between these two profiles is becoming more and more negligible as planes become more efficient.  The City asked an outside consultant about this just to be sure the findings were reliable. The consultant agreed.

    The City has a staff person that works on airport noise issues and the City is very proactive about looking for procedures or technology that will help reduce noise.  We follow these issues closely and look to other airports for anything that could be applied at MSP.  We also take a very active role to try to shape federal law and regulations. 

    Residents are encouraged to continue to file noise complaints with the Minneapolis Airports Commission (MAC) in order to better understand how to balance departure flows.

      I-35W@94 Downtown to Crosstown: plan ahead for closures


       Lane closures

      June 18, 2018 through fall 2021

      ·        NB I-35W is reduced to three lanes from 43rd St. to downtown Minneapolis

      Note: one northbound I-35W lane will be a MnPASS lane

      June 18, 2018 through fall 2019

      ·        SB I-35W is reduced to two lanes from downtown Minneapolis to 43rd St.

      June 15, 2018 through fall 2020

      ·        SB I-35W to 35th St. is closed

      Detour: Continue on I-35W and take the 46th St. exit to Nicollet Ave

      ·        NB I-35W to 31st St/Lake St is closed to traffic, but remain open to buses

      June 8, 2018 through fall 2021

      ·        31st St. to SB I-35W is closed to traffic, but remain open to buses

      Detour: Nicollet Ave. to 46th St.

      ·        35th St to NB I-35W is closed

      Detour: Nicollet Ave. to E. Diamond Lake Rd

      March 2, 2018 through fall 2021

      ·        36th St. to SB I-35W is closed

      Detour: Portland Ave. to 46th St.

      Bridge closures 

      Aug. 3 2018 through fall 2020

      ·        40th St. bridge over I-35W will be closed to pedestrians and bicyclists

      Detour: Paved trail on the east side of MLK park, 42nd St, 2nd Ave.

      Local street impacts

      Aug. 13, 2018 to Oct. 2018

      ·        The 39th St. and 3rd Ave. intersection is closed

      Aug. 2, 2018 to Oct. 2018

      ·        The 39th St. and 1st Ave. intersection is closed

      June 28, 2018 to fall 2018

      ·        2nd Ave. is closed between 38th St. and 39th St.

      June 28, 2018 to late-August 2018

      ·        2nd Ave. is closed between 29th St. and Lake St.

      May 17, 2018 to fall 2018

      ·        Stevens Ave. is closed between 38th St. and 39th St.

      May 2018 to fall 2018 (tentatively)

      ·        Park Ave. and Portland Ave. will have temporary restriping and a transit lane

      Note: The restriping of Park Ave. and Portland Ave. (between downtown and Lake St.) to add a temporary transit lane was chosen to help reduce impacts and maintain a transit advantage for transit while the 35W@94 project is underway. This new striping is temporary; it will remain in place through fall 2018, at which point Metro Transit, MnDOT and the City of Minneapolis will assess if the transit operators are comfortable that they can again provide reliable service on I-35W. Restriping is also weather/temperature dependent, so it may need to wait until spring 2019 if the decision to move back to the permanent striping is made when it is cold out.

      March 2, 2018 to fall 2018

      ·        Intersections of Stevens Ave. and Second Ave. S are closed between 37th St. and 38th St.

      Note: Residents will be able to access Stevens Ave. and 2nd Ave. S from 37th St. or 39th St. During the closure, two-way traffic on Stevens Ave. between 37th St. and 38th St. will be allowed.

      Trail and sidewalk impacts

      Summer 2018

      The sidewalk is closed at the following roads:

      ·        2nd Ave. S. between Lake St. and 29th St.

      ·        Clinton Ave. between Lake St. and 28th St.

      ·        South side of Lake St. between Stevens Ave. and 2nd Ave. S.

      ·        South side of 31st St. between Stevens Ave. and 2nd Ave. S.

      ·        Intersections of 38th St./Stevens Ave. and 39th St./Stevens Ave.

      ·        Intersections of 38th St./2nd Ave. S. and 39th St./2nd Ave. S.

      For more information, questions or concerns:

      • To learn more about this project, including all current traffic impacts and detour routes, click here to visit the MNDOT website.
      • Metro Transit bus routes will be impacted as a result of construction. For updated route information, and to sign up for Rider Alerts, click here.
      • Follow MNDOT on Facebook at facebook.com/mndot and Twitter: @mndotnews
      • Email the MNDOT project team at: info@35w94.com
      • Call the project MNDOT hotline at: 612-284-6125 
      • For real-time travel information anywhere in Minnesota visit http://www.511mn.org/or dial 5-1-1.
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