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March 2017


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Council Member's Message


At the beginning of March, I and the Eastside community had the opportunity to celebrate Clare Housing's 30 year history of providing affordable supportive housing for people living with HIV/AIDS. The site for this celebration was Marshall Flats, a 36-unit residential development located on Lowry Avenue NE in the Marshall Terrace neighborhood.

Marshall Flats will be Clare Housing's newest supportive housing development geared toward people living with HIV/Aids and their fifth in the Twin Cities area. The 36 affordable units this development will provide are sorely needed given their waiting list of over 200 people, many of whom are homeless. Provision for affordable housing is an essential component of a healthy and diverse community and the Marshall Flats development fills a crucial niche in the larger picture of ensuring the shelter needs of all. 

Beyond its basic humanitarian mission, Marshall Flats represents a significant positive direction for Lowry Avenue. It is located at 201 Lowry Avenue, the abandoned site of the former Little Jacks. A blighted and polluted building will be replaced by a thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing residential development, in conjunction with the commercial component being created by partners, jumpstarting the larger vision of the Lowry Avenue Plan that has been formulated by the City of Minneapolis, Hennepin County and the Eastside community.

I initially approached Clare Housing and asked them to consider partnering on the residential portion of the 201 Lowry development. Since that time we have been able to put in place a redevelopment framework that is unique in its collocation of residential and commercial elements. That framework, in turn, has informed the process for developing the larger Lowry Avenue plan. In every aspect, Marshall Flats has been a win for our community.

At a time when our nation faces a deepening health care crisis in terms of access and affordability, it is more important than ever that municipalities step up to support the type of essential shelter and services Clare Housing provides. I am proud of the welcome Marshall Flats has received in the First Ward!



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