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March 30, 2018

Justin Rother

Protecting consumers: This is YOUR Department of Agriculture

Your Department of Agriculture ensures your safety at every gas pump in the State of Missouri. Our team doesn't stop at making sure safety equipment functions correctly in case of emergency - inspectors also take measurements to ensure you're getting the fuel you pay for.

Meet Justin Rother: fuel device safety inspector in our Weights, Measures & Consumer Protection division.

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    Rural Community

    USDA seeks applications for funding to increase access to e-connectivity/broadband in unserved rural areas

    Assistant to the Secretary for Rural Development Anne Hazlett announced that USDA is accepting applications for grants to fund broadband infrastructure projects in unserved rural communities. As part of MORE, Missouri aims to connect every last mile in the state to rural broadband and these funds could be helpful in achieving that goal. 

    USDA is accepting applications through May 14 in the Community Connect program. Grants from $100,000 to $3 million are available to state and local governments, federally-recognized tribes, nonprofits and for-profit corporations. Applicants must be able to provide a 15 percent match on the desired grant amount.

    The funds must be used to provide broadband service at a minimum rate-of-data transmission of 25 megabits downstream and 3 megabits upstream, which is the speed benchmark that the Federal Communications Commission has officially adopted for broadband connectivity. Awardees must use USDA funding to offer free broadband service to all critical community facilities in their proposed service areas for two years and provide a community center with free broadband service for two years.

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    Spring into the season with Missouri Chardonel

    Warmer, pleasant days are ahead; it's the perfect time to transition to a dry, white wine. The Missouri Wine and Grape Board invites you to discover Chardonel during the month of April. Head outdoors, bask in the sunshine and enjoy the beautiful views in Missouri wine country. 

    Chardonel is a grape varietal with a proud lineage. The grape is a cross between two famous varietals, Chardonnay and Seyval Blanc, but more strongly favors the former in terms of flavor. The varietal is relatively new, introduced in 1996, and is a moderately vigorous and cold hardy vine that thrives in the challenging Missouri climate. Chardonel accounts for 66 acres out of the 1700 acres of grapes grown in the state, nearly four percent of the total acreage.

    Chardonel is a medium to full-bodied, white wine with notes of citrus fruits and sometimes oak. The varietal resembles the color of lemon in appearance and can smell like lemon, butter or the inside of a barrel, depending on the winemaker.

    Delightful on its own, Chardonel also has an amazing impact on a variety of foods, including smoked pork, grilled chicken, mushrooms, creamy white cheeses and sweets, including apples and vanilla pudding. Delicious wine and food pairing ideas can be found at missouriwine.org.

    For more information about Chardonel and the Missouri wine industry, visit the Missouri Wine and Grape Board's website at missouriwine.org.

    This Week in Photos

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    This week, we highlight Missouri State University's Ag Forum presented by Farm Bureau, Ag Market News Correlation with USDA, new kids at Patchwork Acres in Cape Girardeau, Mo., Dr. Arbindral Rimal presenting findings of the economic impact of the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds and Event Center and the 14th annual Farm City Breakfast in St. Joseph, Mo.

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