MWA Success Stories: Bridgette Mayberry

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January 12, 2023

MWA Success Stories

Bridgette Mayberry: Hidden Gem

Bridgette Mayberry – an office clerk at a local hospital – has always dreamed of working as a beautician. Growing up, she was the, “go-to” person for hair styling.
As an adult, she found herself on a different path, but she always held on to her dream. So, when the opportunity presented itself, she knew she had to take action.

Bridgette got help from the Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) Program and enrolled in Cosmetology school. Together with her Service Specialist, Bridgette turned in weekly attendance logs and worked through each roadblock. Her first challenge was the issue of a long commute. With rising gas prices, the cost of car upkeep – as well as car insurance – Bridgette was struggling. MWA was able to help with the cost of gas based on her commute. Additionally, the program helped with her monthly auto insurance premium, and when she needed new tires, the program was able to help with that as well.

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When the cost of school supplies (for her children) upset her limited budget, and she lost utility assistance due to lack of program funds, MWA referred Bridgette to a Financial Coach who empowered Bridgette to create a monthly budget. After completing her budget, she was able to pay her electric bill in full. Moreover, when Bridget needed non-skid shoes and scrubs for cosmetology school, MWA was able to purchase the items.

Like so many Missourians, Bridgette has been on a waiting list for over two years to get an apartment closer to her mother, who provides after-school childcare. When an apartment became available, Bridgette met another roadblock when her gas bill had to be paid in full before she could sign the lease. As timing is limited in housing availability, MWA was able to step in and assist with this need.

At every roadblock, Bridgette found support and encouragement from the MWA program, and her case manager. Sometimes, that’s all we need: support and encouragement. Bridgette is so grateful to the MWA program, sharing that she previously had no idea the MWA program had so many services available. As she looks forward to her fast approaching cosmetology graduation date of March 2023, Bridgette shares her amazing story with others, noting that she discovered a “hidden gem,” in the MWA Program.

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Read success stories, like Bridgette's, and learn more about the MWA Program. 

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The Missouri Work Assistance Program is Missouri’s employment and training program for Temporary Assistance recipients. The MWA program is funded through the Administration for Children and Families, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families block grant.

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