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November 3, 2022

SkillUP Success Stories

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Amethyst Pittman: 
Support Leads to Success

Amethyst Pittman, a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in Southern Missouri, always dreamed of continuing her education in the nursing/medical field. She wanted more for herself and her family, but on a limited income, continuing her education didn’t seem possible. After seeing information about a Certified Medical Technician training program, she made a call to the Dunklin County Caring Council and was connected to the SkillUP team through the Southern Missouri Works Project (SMWP). 

In September of 2021, Amethyst visited SMWP office and met with a SkillUP Case Manager who determined that she was – indeed – eligible for SkillUP support. Together with her Case Manager, Amethyst went over education barriers, including the cost of tuition (in addition to the day-to-day struggle of making ends meet), fuel costs (to attend training), as well as cost of supplies necessary for the program.

The following Month, in early October, Amethyst enrolled in the Medical Technician training program. The program cost $1,800 and did not offer any type of financial aid. SkillUP was able to assist her with the tuition. Transportation to and from the training facility also posed a problem. Amethyst had a vehicle, but had to travel 41 miles (round trip), three days a week. In addition to fuel costs, the program required students to have scrubs and nursing shoes. SMWP was able to assist with all of these costs, allowing Amethyst the ability to truly focus on her classes. In the end, Amethyst completed the program with perfect attendance and great scores on all of her exams. She earned her Medical Technician Certification on November 12, 2021.

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Following her achievement, Amethyst met again wither her SkillUP Case Manager to update her resume and search for jobs. She was successful and began her new career as a Medical Technician for Heritage Nursing Home, making $3.50 more an hour than her previous position. Additionally, she is now able to earn paid time off, as well as health insurance for herself, and her family.

Congratulations to Amethyst and the SkillUP team at Southern Missouri Works Project!


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