Overcoming a gap in employment

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July 14, 2020  

Overcoming a gap in employment

How MWA helped one woman

Alana came to ResCare - a Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) provider - to find a better life for her family and overcome a five-year gap in employment. Before this, she was staying at a crisis maternity home for homeless women and their infants and young children.

FSD - Alana

Before she knew it, Alana had achieved her first goals. You can see her excitement (pictured right) as she began working in the service industry, obtained a drivers’ license, and saved up enough money to purchase a car. Alana is still focused on moving forward to a job in her chosen career field.

Alana was dedicated and consistent, never missing a scheduled MWA appointment or deadline to turn in her hours. While getting Temporary Assistance (TA) benefits, Alana had to participate in some type of job training, job search, or other qualified activity for 20 hours each week.

Through this experience, Alana gained the confidence to overcome her gap in employment with the support and guidance from TA, MWA and ResCare. These programs helped Alana reach her goals, and these programs continue to move others toward a more stable, independent and fulfilling life.

If you have questions about TA benefits or the food stamp (SNAP) program, visit mydss.mo.gov.


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