COVID-19 and Subsidy Child Care Payments

COVID-19 and Subsidy Child Care Payments

The Department of Social Services is committed to supporting our subsidy child care providers during this state of emergency. It is important that children have the opportunity for continuity of care during and after this crisis has subsided. The department will implement the following payment policies in response to COVID-19 effective March 18, 2020.


Child Care Subsidy Payments:

  1. Pay for Units above Authorized Amount: Payments will be made for children whose attendance is greater than authorized due to school being closed; parent required to work additional hours; and other circumstance as approved by the division. Units will be paid through a Child Care Payment Resolution Request (CD-147).
  2. Pay Additional Absences: Additional absences will be paid for children who are unable to attend child care due to suppressed immune systems or other chronic illness; or when the family is under quarantine. The provider will be required to submit a Child Care Payment Resolution Request (CD-147) to be paid for the additional absences.
  3. Payment Due to Facility Closure: If a facility is forced to close due to local government mandate; lack of staffing due to COVID-19 exposure/quarantine; or other mitigating circumstance as approved by the division, payment may be made to the facility. In order to be considered for payment due to closure the facility must have a completed Notification of Child Care Closure form on file with the Children's Division Early Childhood section.


Providers may access the CD-147, Payment Resolution Request at:

Due to the high volume of phone calls, please email your questions regarding COVID-19 Payment Policies or COVID-19 issues to:

Thank you for your assistance.