2017 Missouri Feels Like Home Tour Lineup Announced

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2017 Missouri Feels Like Home Tour Lineup Announced

The “Feels Like Home Tour” will be making its way to three Missouri Communities this year. Launched in 2014, the tour is a rural ecodevo tool that brings specialists from economic development, workforce, tourism, and education institutions together with local officials from small communities to brainstorm viable economic development strategies to help the towns grow their local economies and help businesses feel at home. The Missouri “Feels Like Home Tour” has visited 16 communities in the Show-Me State since its inception and looks forward to visiting the three following areas for the 2017 lineup:  

  • Elsberry - March 24
  • LaGrange - March 31
  • Raymondville - April 4


This year, state economic developers have made slight adjustments to the programming to better serve each community. Rather than a single visit from economic developers and resource providers from across the state, there will be two visits to each town. According to rural economic development manager Luke Holtschneider, the first visit will be purely for data mining.

“That will be the time where we are sitting there listening and taking notes,” he said. “We are there so they can educate us. This year, it’s going to be a smaller group that will go into the community for the initial meeting, and provide a summary back to the resource partners and schedule a workshop day.”

After meeting with various local government, business and education leaders in the town, Holtschneider said resource partners will be contacted depending on the need of the town, and scheduled to present at a customized, day-long workshop at a later date.

To learn more about rural development and resources available in the Show-Me State, visit the Rural Missouri portal on our website. For a community to be considered for the tour, they must be members of Missouri Community Betterment

If you’re looking for a great place to get an education, live, take a vacation or start a business, you can find resources and information at mo.gov or ded.mo.gov.

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