Energy Efficient Holiday Lighting Tips

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Energy Efficient Holiday Lighting Tips

Holiday Lights

The holidays are fast approaching and Missouri's Division of Energy would like to pass along some energy saving tips that may help reduce your utility bills this season.

Energy efficient lights - Use light-emitting diode (LED) holiday lights. LED's are durable, last for several years, and conserve more energy than the incandescent counterpart.

Timers - Use timers to limit light displays to no more than six evening hours a day.

Unplug lights - Always unplug all holiday lights at the wall outlet before going to bed or leaving the house. Untended lights can cause fires and cost you extra money.

Fire extinguishers and detectors - Keep a fire extinguisher handy and your smoke detectors in good working order. Avoid fire by keeping your natural tree well watered and keeping extension cords and light sets away from the water.

Electrical circuits - Do not overload electrical circuits by plugging all your extra seasonal lights into one circuit.

Defective lights - Check light sets for frayed wires, damaged sockets or cracked insulation. If you find defects, replace the entire set.

Mini lights - Replace larger-bulb lights with LED lights. They use less energy and last longer.

Mirrors and tinsel - Use mirrors or tinsel around indoor lights to heighten their effect.

Floodlights - Consider floodlights for outdoor lighting. Floodlights are available in LED lights.

Ground fault circuit interrupter - For outdoor lighting, use a ground fault circuit interrupter on each circuit. If current "leaks" through frayed or damaged wires, the interrupter automatically shuts it off.

Outdoor lights - Attach outdoor lights with hooks. Do not use staples, nails or tacks.

Extension cords - Replace damaged electrical cords. Do not attempt to repair them. Also, tape all outside extension cord connections to seal out moisture.


For more information on energy efficiency and how to reduce your utilities this winter visit Winter Tips at