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December 5, 2022

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Thank You for Another Successful Season!

As winter approaches here in the Northland, we want to take a moment to thank all the folks that play a role in the septic industry for another successful construction season! The On-site Wastewater (OSW) Division has seen several changes over the last year, and we thank you all for your patience and hard work. The 2022 construction season certainly kept us all very busy, and grateful to be serving those in our community. For those continuing with construction throughout the winter months, please see our winter installation policy here: SLC Frozen Ground Installation Policy.pdf (stlouiscountymn.gov).

Wherever this winter finds you, all of us from St. Louis County OSW wish you a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year! 

If there are any topics you’d like to reflect on from this year or items you’d like to see improved moving forward (including form feedback), please feel free to reach out to the OSW division or OSW Manager Ryan Logan directly to discuss. The division is planning to hold SSTS Professionals Open Houses again during the month of March (Date TBD).  

2022 Numbers Recap:

The 2022 season proved to be another busy year for the division with nearly 870 permits to construct being issued, 1,050 compliance inspections reviewed, 58 new operating permits issued, 320 operating permits renewed, and 300 abandonments. We look forward to serving you again through our septic program as 2022 comes to an end and into 2023.

Planning for 2023:

This winter, the On-Site Wastewater Division plans to focus on getting all the septic records scanned into the online database, making it easier for septic contractors, real estate professionals, and homeowners alike to have access to these files at their convenience. Additionally, the division will be working on drafting Ordinance 61 amendments, with the formal public process beginning in January 2023. If you haven’t had the opportunity to provide your feedback regarding this, please do so here: St. Louis County: Potential Ordinance 61 Amendment Changes Survey

Lastly, we will be training a new Environmental Specialist as Jason Walsh steps into his new role with the Land Use Division. As many of you are aware, Jason has been with OSW for the last six years and has made incredible contributions to the division in his time as an Environmental Specialist (Senior). We kindly thank him for his service and dedication to the On-site Wastewater Division and look forward to the new perspective he can provide as a Senior Planner for Land Use.

Moving forward, Tyler Lampella, Emily Anderson, and John Otterbein will happily work with you to answer any questions or assist with your final inspection needs.

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